Yoga For Gut Health: 8 Poses For Healing & Harmony

The health of your gut is directly related to the health of your entire physical, mental, and emotional body. In the last few years, the incidence of gut-related diseases and issues has increased exponentially, and so have autoimmune diseases and other environmental conditions, and the demand for specific practices of yoga for gut health has … Read more

Yoga for Dancers: Best Pre & Post Dance Poses To Improve Performance

As a former professional figure skater and performer turned yoga teacher, I learned that taking care of my body and my mind off the ice, greatly influenced my ability to perform well on the ice. Dancers, just like figure skaters, must master a combination of technical and artistic skills, of physical and mental fortitude, that … Read more

10 Yoga Poses For Pelvic Floor Strength: Simple & Effective

The pelvic floor muscles hold your bladder and bowels, and keeping them strong and flexible can help with the healthy function of these organs.  Weak pelvic muscles can lead to urinary leakage, constipation, and pelvic or organ prolapse.  Today, we bring yoga poses for strengthening and relaxing the pelvic floor so you can keep it … Read more