Yoga For Flexibility: 10 Poses To Increase Flexibility

Yoga for flexibility, ever wondered just how effective it is? Flexibility is an essential aspect of good physical health that promotes joint health and range of movement and helps prevent pains, strains and injuries. Yoga and flexibility go hand in hand. However, there’s a common misconception that yoga is reserved exclusively for those who are … Read more

The 7 Best Standing Yoga Poses To Improve Your Balance

Whether you’re standing, sitting, walking, running, dancing, riding your bike or doing a headstand – having good balance is crucial to our mobility every moment of every day. And while it’s something many of us take for granted, many things can threaten our balance – age, stress, being tired, attention deficit disorders, dyspraxia and more. … Read more

7 Hip Opening Yoga Poses: Easy and Effective

Hip opening yoga poses – what’s the point? Well, our hips are an incredible, highly complex example of anatomy that are absolutely crucial for our mobility. Yep, whether we’re sitting, walking, running, dancing, bending – you name it – our hips are working hard behind the scenes. All this hard work can lead to tightness, … Read more