8 Heart Opening Yoga Poses To Peel Back The Layers

In yoga, heavy emphasis is placed on heart opening, a practice that has a profound number of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual benefits. Indeed, heart opening yoga poses can act as the gateway to our deepest vulnerabilities. But what does ‘heart opening’ truly mean, and what does yoga have to do with any of it? … Read more

The Dancing Warrior Sequence | Tap Into Your Inner Warrior

A Yoga warrior sequence is often practiced in vinyasa flow-style yoga classes as a way to create dynamic movement to warm up the body. Yoga warrior sequences increase our cardiovascular endurance and they also promote stretching and strengthening of the muscles, improving blood circulation. In this article we will discuss: Poses Included in the Dancing … Read more

Yoga For Flexibility: 10 Poses To Increase Flexibility

Yoga for flexibility, ever wondered just how effective it is? Flexibility is an essential aspect of good physical health that promotes joint health and range of movement and helps prevent pains, strains and injuries. Yoga and flexibility go hand in hand. However, there’s a common misconception that yoga is reserved exclusively for those who are … Read more