Healing Meditation Music | The Science & Free Playlists

When early forms of meditation were first developed in ancient Asian societies, they would typically be practiced outside, amongst the natural sounds of birds, insects, rivers, and winds. So why are some modern meditators insistent that meditation sessions should be totally silent? There can be real benefits to having a soundtrack to your meditation session. … Read more

Mindfulness Book And Podcast Recommendations | The 5 Best Books On Mindfulness

Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzz word in recent years. Even a decade ago, it wasn’t something you heard about much, but in 2022 it’s a topic that interests lots of people. A lot of us have become aware that implementing daily mindfulness techniques or practicing formal mindful meditation can have a serious … Read more

Keeping A Mindfulness Journal: How To Become More Aware Of Your Thoughts, Feelings, And Actions

Being more mindful in everyday life can bring some serious benefits. Too often, we’re caught up in intrusive thoughts, distracted by external events, or thinking about the future. Mindfulness teaches us to focus a little more on the present moment. The principles of mindfulness include non-judgment, concentration, and enhanced awareness, as well as present-moment attention. These values … Read more

Mindful Movement Meditation: Become More Aware Of Your Body

Practicing mindfulness throughout the day is a great way to get the benefits of meditation without having to rely on formal sit-down practice. One of the most accessible and beneficial ways you can do this is by using mindful movement meditation techniques to stay fit and healthy and expand the connection between mind and body. … Read more

Everyday Mindfulness: How To Easily Incorporate Mindful Moments Into Every Day

Meditation can be difficult. Even if we do find the time to sit down for a formal meditation session, there are a million things that may distract us or get in the way. But finding the time for mindfulness meditation practice in the first place can be hard. What if you just feel way too … Read more