Running Meditation – 14 tips To Become A Super-Human Runner

Running meditation is a way of combining both meditation and running, allowing you to reap the benefits of both disciplines. Running meditation helps you to reconnect with your body and be present in the now. Maybe you’ve experienced running meditation before without knowing it. Maybe you’ve had that feeling when you’re out on a long … Read more

Sleep Meditation Unpacked: How It Works And The Best Deep Sleep Meditation

Sleep Deprivation is something that affects people all over the globe. According to recent research, 35-50% of adults worldwide regularly experience insomnia symptoms. Unfortunately, we often don’t help ourselves when it comes to our sleep. When striving for better physical and mental health, we’ll focus on eating well and exercising (which are both extremely important), … Read more

The Silent Retreat | Everything You Need To Know Before Your First Retreat

Could you go a week in a roomful of strangers without speaking a single word? Tough as it may sound, silent meditation retreats can be incredibly transformative. The basic idea is that through practicing silence for a prolonged period, you are able to channel all the energy you usually devote to communication and interactions with … Read more

Meditation Mudras Guide + 8 Easy Hand Mudras

Thousands of years after their creation, meditation mudras have more than stood the test of time – still recognized today as potent tools for practicing self-care, intentionality, and empowerment. These simple but powerful hand mudras for meditation can be performed by almost anyone, and mastering them is thought to hold incredible potential to recharge and … Read more