Marianna Doneva

marianna doneva, yogajala writer

I am a yoga, breathwork and somátics teacher, and nutritionist. Currently based in Scotland offering online and in-person classes and workshops.

Whilst recovering from a major injury, I discovered the healing potential of yoga when practiced with awareness, breath and appreciation for body mechanics. For me, yoga is a journey back to balance with the simplest practices often leading to the greatest benefit.

I have completed a 200-hour Hatha and vinyasa, a yoga Somátics and Pilates teacher training. I continue my education through regularly attending workshops with renowned teachers. I have a deep understanding of the human body, not only through my somatic training but also my degree in Biology (Bsc) and Nutrition (Msc).

I offer one-one sessions encompassing all the skills I have learned to improve health and wellbeing. In my classes, I integrate my knowledge of anatomy and physiology with the subtleties of the energetic body. My offerings have a focus on breathwork, meditation and movement practices to regulate the nervous system. I always encourage each individual to move in a way that is beneficial to them personally, giving emphasis on offering a supportive and accessible practice for all bodies.

After years of immersion in inner work with the cacao and other plant teachers, I also hold space for transformative healing through ceremonial cacao in combination with meditation, sound healing, and shamanic practices. Practicing yoga on a daily basis has been an incredible tool to connect with my body, mind, and spirit. I want to continue learning and sharing this with the people around me.

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