Yoga Practice

“To perform every action artfully is yoga.” 

– Swami Kripalu

Yoga For Beginners

You’re never too old or too inflexible to begin with yoga. Every moment is a new beginning. Our resources will guide your first steps on your path through yoga.

Pranayama & Breathwork

Prana (vital life force) + Yama (to gain control). Pranayama techniques can be used to invigorate, to calm, to center, and much more.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Find clarity and wake up to your own life with a consistent meditation practice. The power this practice holds cannot be overstated.

Kids Yoga

It’s never too early to start yoga! Get inspired by our kid-friendly yoga games and ideas. Guaranteed to leave both you and your little ones feeling lighter and more centered.

Injury & Recovery

Life happens and we get injured. Learn how yoga techniques can be used to rehabilitate and recover from injuries and setbacks.

Accessible Yoga

Regardless of age, disability, gender, weight, race, or identity, yoga is always there for you. Find a practice that serves you.

Group Yoga

Foster trust and connection with group yoga, or just have fun with it! Here are our resources for when solo yoga just isn’t enough.

Yoga fitness

What does a consistent yoga practice do for the body? Browse our latest on yoga as viewed through a sports science lens.