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As we’ve grown from a tiny blog run by a handful of yoga teachers into a diverse resource serving hundreds of thousands of readers every month, we decided it was time to reflect on why yogajala exists and what we believe in.

Our Purpose: Connecting You To Yoga

We aim to be the link in the chain that connects you to yoga’s theory!

In a yoga class, there just isn’t enough time to dive into all of yoga’s rich and profound philosophy. Our mission is to be a trustworthy resource you can come to when you want an experienced yoga teacher to dive deep with you into all things yoga.

What are the benefits of Yoga Nidra? What has the Bhagavad Gita got to do with yoga? How do I find a job as a yoga teacher?

yogajala’s 5 Core Values

1. Experienced Voices You Can Trust

All of our writers at yogajala are experienced yoga teachers, but most importantly, they are people with strong personal practices.

Our writers guide you through some of yoga philosophy’s most subtle reaches and hard-to-wrap-your-head-around-concepts, from experience.

Everything we do builds off of everyone’s daily meditation or asana practice.

2. Authentically Represent Yoga

With so many interweaving branches of this ancient and ever-evolving practice, this one can prove tricky!

We look at yoga practice and philosophy holistically, not simply as a new-age fitness practice, but as a spiritual, and embodied way of life.

Our team all trained with different schools and everyone’s practice is unique. We are not biased toward any particular school or approach to yoga.

3. Honour Yoga’s Roots

We aim for depth, acknowledging lineages and gurus of practices. We are grateful to all the teachers who have transmitted jewels of wisdom down the ages.

4. Call Out Bad Practice

Yoga’s history is no stranger to abusive power dynamics. We don’t shy away from calling out abuse allegations when they are relevant to the topic at hand and we hope that our articles can illuminate the truth.

5. Editorial Independence

We are an independent publisher, made up of a small team of writers and editors.

We never get paid to promote products or services, and if we do celebrate a particular brand, product, or yoga teacher, it is because we really do recommend them!

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Maria Andrews is a 200h Registered Yoga Teacher, long distance runner, and adventure lover.

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