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At yogajala, we’re dedicated to ensuring that our readers receive the most accurate, comprehensive, and helpful information on yoga!

For the curious, here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how we maintain our high editorial standards:

1. Experienced Yoga Teachers Write Our Articles

Every article published on yogajala is written by yoga teachers and yoga teacher trainers with years’ worth of experience.

Our writing and editing team includes a rich array of yoga teachers from different lineages & schools.

All of our writers are yoga teachers but, most importantly, they are people with an established and consistent practice. This means that the pieces we publish are not only packed full of learned knowledge, but also experiential wisdom.

2. Expert, Qualified Editors And Researchers Edit Our Articles

The article then goes through the editing process where another yoga teacher fact-checks & edits for clarity.

Our editors are yoga teachers with academic backgrounds and lots of experience as editors.

This part of the process involves fact-checking, checking sources, giving credit & editing for grammar and clarity.

3. We Call In Independent Medical & Ayurveda Experts

When the content of an article overlaps with medical or Ayurvedic fields, we send it over to external highly qualified Western and Ayurvedic doctors to triple check the content.

They comb through the piece, fact-checking as they go.

All of our Ayurvedic pieces are written by Ayurvedic doctors and practitioners, but if erroneous information is found, the piece isn’t approved for publishing until our experts are happy with it.

4. Crafting Our Articles: Our Writing Guidelines

Behind all of this are our writing guidelines. This is our in-house-written article writing framework drawn up so that we can write consistently great articles and a cohesive body of work.

Our guidelines include everything from how-to’s on plagiarism, references, biasies, to tone, and the way we approach difficult topics.

Here’s a sneak peek:

If there’s a question posed by the topic of the article, your article should answer it so that the reader is satisfied and doesn’t have to keep on searching. Put yourself in the head of the reader who has clicked through this article headline; think of the obvious questions that come to mind, the necessary information you need to convey, and any building blocks or touchstones you need to establish to reach your point.”
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yogajala’s article writing guidelines

5. The Writers Receive Feedback

After the article is submitted by the writer, edited by the editor, and potentially sent off to the independent expert for approval, feedback is sent back to the writer.

This feedback loop means that the writing that we put out continues to improve, our writers get to refine their pen, and our editors continue to learn from the writers.

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6. We continuously update our guidelines and workflow

We aren’t stuck in this system! As time goes on, we continually reflect on this workflow and how it serves the writing and editing team, and most importantly, the reader.

We aim for the way we work within our team to flow easily. And we aim for the content we put out to be of a sky high standard!

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