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As Shakespeare famously wrote in Romeo and Juliet, What’s in a name?. Well, when it comes to yoga studio names, the answer is ‘a lot’!

Choosing the right, catchy, name is not just a superficial decision; it’s about capturing the essence of your studio and standing out from the avalanche of yoga and wellness brands out there. It’s about finding a name that will become the heartbeat of your yoga business and invite potential customers in.

However, with quite literally endless possibilities, this task is much easier said than done.

And as if finding the right, catchy, words weren’t hard enough, you’ve also got to consider things like trademark laws, copyright, whether matching social media handles and domain names are available, and much, much more (sorry!)

But don’t fear! We’re here to help walk you through it all.

In this article, we’ll be looking at:

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110 Yoga Studio Names And Yoga Business name Ideas

We’ve done our best to choose names that weren’t taken at the time that this article was written, however, we heavily recommend doing your own research to double-check that your preferred name is available if you decide to choose one from the lists below.

24 Best Yoga Studio Names about Movement

  1. YourFlow Yoga
  2. Rhythm Yoga
  3. Kinetic Balance Yoga
  4. Asana Dance
  5. Flow State Yoga
  6. Whirling Lotus Yoga
  7. Flex and Flow Studio
  8. Dancing Asanas Yoga
  9. Graceful Motion
  10. Freeform Yoga
  11. Aligned Yoga
  12. Move Me Yoga
  13. Mindful Mobility Yoga
  14. Making Waves Yoga
  15. Moving Bliss Yoga
  16. Limbered Yoga
  17. Fluid Fusion Yoga
  18. Spirited Motion Studio
  19. Mind Body Soul Studio
  20. Harmonic Flow Yoga
  21. Mindful Movement Studio
  22. Ashtanga Aligned
  23. Hot Yoga Heaven
  24. Vinyasa Voyage
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28 Yoga Studio Names about Mindfulness and Peace

  1. Inner Sanctuary Yoga
  2. Zen Garden Yoga
  3. Zen Reflections Yoga
  4. Serendipity Yoga
  5. Serene Souls
  6. Oasis Yoga
  7. Mindful Moments
  8. Peaceful Path Yoga
  9. Mindfulness Oasis Studio
  10. One Soul Yoga
  11. Sacred Space Yoga
  12. Haven Yoga
  13. Mindful Presence Yoga
  14. Serenity Yoga
  15. Serenity Garden Yoga
  16. Pilgrimage Yoga
  17. Grace Yoga
  18. Tranquility Corner Studio
  19. One Breath Yoga
  20. Wisdom Yoga
  21. Tranquil Yoga
  22. Harmony Yoga
  23. Glow Yoga
  24. Heart Yoga
  25. OM Mind Yoga
  26. Love Yoga
  27. Mudra Mind
  28. Inner Peace Studio
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15 Playful Yoga Business Names

  1. The Laughing Lotus
  2. Bendy Yoga
  3. Yogaholic
  4. Yogi’s Playground
  5. Flexellence
  6. Namaste ‘n’ Nonsense
  7. Twisted Bliss Yoga
  8. Zen-tertainment Yoga
  9. Funky Flex Yoga
  10. Happy Hatha Hideaway
  11. Om-a-lot Studio
  12. Joyful Journeys Studio
  13. Stretch to Smile Yoga
  14. Playful Prana Studio
  15. Karma Chameleon Yoga

22 Kids Yoga Studio Names

  1. Little Yogi Adventures
  2. Playful Poses Studio
  3. Happy Hearts Yoga
  4. Tiny Tree Yoga
  5. The Zen Den
  6. Fun Flow Yoga
  7. Yoga Explorers Studio
  8. Mini Mindfulness Yoga
  9. Yoga Bugs Studio
  10. Tiny & Tranquil Yoga
  11. Kiddie Karma Yoga
  12. Mini Mats Yoga
  13. Mini Movers Yoga
  14. Kid’s Yoga Jungle
  15. Zen Zebra Yoga
  16. Little Lotus Yoga
  17. Kid’s Calm Corner
  18. Mindful Monkeys Yoga
  19. Yoga Tots Studio
  20. Wiggly Warriors Yoga
  21. Budding Beginners Yoga
  22. Sprout Soul
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21 Sanskrit Yoga Studio Names (+ Translations)

  1. Ananda Me Yoga Center (Blissful Me Yoga)
  2. Satya Shala (Truth Studio)
  3. PranaFlow (Life Force Flow)
  4. Shanti-ly Yoga (Shanti = Peace)
  5. Chakra Dhara (Flow of Energy)
  6. Mandir Yoga (Temple Yoga)
  7. Svadhyaya Yoga (Self-Study Yoga)
  8. Samadhi Shala (State of Enlightenment)
  9. Anahata Yoga (Heart-Centered Yoga)
  10. Hatha Prana (Sun and Moon Energy)
  11. Moksha Studio (Liberation Studio)
  12. Karma Kula (The Karma Community)
  13. Sattva Yoga (Pure Yoga)
  14. Santoshya Shala (Contentment Studio)
  15. Guru Kula (Teacher’s Community)
  16. Dharma Yoga (Righteous Yoga)
  17. Antar Mouna Yoga (Inner Silence Yoga)
  18. Shakti Shala (Goddess Energy Studio)
  19. Pranayama-me (Breath Control Me)
  20. Sukha Kula (Community of Ease)
  21. Nirvana Studio (A Place of Peace & Happiness Studio)
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17 Best Yoga Studio Names about Nature

  1. EarthFlow Yoga
  2. Fern and Lotus Yoga
  3. WildRoots Yoga
  4. Asana Breeze Yoga
  5. Nature’s Balance Yoga
  6. Aurora Asanas
  7. Wildflower Yoga
  8. Lunar Lotus Yoga
  9. Forest Spirit Yoga
  10. Organic Path Yoga
  11. Earth’s Embrace Yoga
  12. Zephyr Yoga
  13. Moonshadow Yoga
  14. Red Thread Yoga
  15. Nature’s Calm Yoga
  16. Life Yoga
  17. Light Yoga

Things to consider before choosing your yoga business name: Common FAQs Answered

There are many things to consider when choosing the perfect name for your yoga business. To help you, we’ve answered some of the most common questions regarding what to think about and factor in when choosing the name for your yoga studio or business:

Q1: How do I know if my yoga studio name idea has already been taken?

While there are some online business name checkers, one way to check if your yoga studio name idea is taken is by conducting a thorough online search.

This means looking for existing yoga classes studios, wellness studios, pilates studios, or digital marketing businesses with a similar name – not only in your area but around the world.

Another method I’ve found useful is to search for domain availability and SoMe handles to see if the corresponding website/social media addresses are already registered. If they are, the name you’re checking might be taken.

As we’ll explain below, it’s pretty important to ensure your name is unique to avoid confusion and avoid any potential legal issues.
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Q2: Does it matter if I use the same yoga studio name as another business?

While there are many yoga studios and businesses out there with similar names, in general, it’s highly recommended not to use the same name as another business, especially if they are in the same industry and geographic location.

Choosing a unique yoga studio name will help you differentiate yourself from other businesses while using the same name as another business may lead to confusion among customers and could potentially create legal conflicts.

Q3: Are there any copyright or trademark infringement considerations to take when choosing a yoga business name?

The short answer here is yes. Being mindful of copyright and trademark laws when selecting a yoga business name is highly recommended to ensure that your chosen name doesn’t infringe on someone else’s intellectual property rights.

We’re not qualified to give any specific advice, so we recommend that you consult a legal professional if you have any concerns or need assistance navigating the legal sphere that surrounds choosing a unique business name.

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Q4: How do I make the name memorable?

To make your yoga business name memorable, we recommend considering the following tips:

  • Keep it simple, easy to pronounce, and spell.
  • Aim for a name that reflects the essence or unique qualities of your business.
  • Use words or phrases that evoke positive emotions or have a visual impact.
  • Consider the aesthetics and visual appeal of the name for potential branding opportunities.
  • Avoid generic or overly complex names for yoga business that may be easily forgotten.

Q5: Should I have a slogan alongside my yoga business name?

This one is just a matter of preference.

Having a slogan can be a nice complement to your yoga business name and offers another opportunity to convey your business’s message or purpose.

A well-crafted slogan can definitely serve as a memorable tagline, however, it’s ultimately up to you to decide if a slogan aligns with your studio’s branding and if it enhances the overall message you want to convey.

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Q6: How can I be culturally sensitive and inclusive when naming my yoga business?

With a sad theme of cultural appropriation in yogic circles, being genuinely culturally sensitive and inclusive is essential when starting and naming your yoga business.

The biggest tip is to refrain from using sacred symbols, terms, or practices from specific cultures without proper understanding and respect.

We also recommend emphasizing inclusivity by choosing a name that doesn’t exclude any particular group or community and seeking input or feedback from a diverse group of individuals who can provide insights on potential cultural sensitivities.

Opting for a name that reflects the universal principles and values of yoga, rather than specific cultural references can also be a good guideline for non-appropriation.

Q7: How can I seek feedback before finalizing my yoga business name?

It’s a great idea to gather feedback before finalizing your yoga business name, and luckily, there are many ways to seek input:

group of yoga students smiling
  • Share your name ideas with friends, family, and trusted individuals within the yoga community.
  • Use social media groups where you can ask for opinions from a broader audience.
  • Consider conducting surveys or polls to gather feedback on different name options.
  • Seek advice from experienced yoga teachers or studio owners who can offer valuable insights based on their own experiences and yoga practice.

Q8: How can I ensure my yoga business name has long-term appeal?

Choosing a name that won’t become outdated and is flexible enough to follow any of the directions your yoga business might go is an important consideration.

So, to protect the longevity of your yoga business name, opt for a name that isn’t overly tied to current trends and avoid using location-specific terms in your business name, as this can limit your growth potential and expansion into new markets.

Also, consider the scalability of the name. If you plan to offer additional services or expand into new areas, choose a name that can accommodate these changes.

Q9: Should I use a Sanskrit yoga business name?

Using a Sanskrit yoga business name can add a touch of authenticity and evoke the ancient roots of yoga. However, as mentioned above, it’s important to use Sanskrit names respectfully and appropriately.

a white yoga studio looking for yoga studio names

For this reason, make sure that you fully understand the meaning and cultural context behind the chosen Sanskrit term.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the accessibility and ease of pronunciation for your target audience.

Keep in mind that overly complex Sanskrit names for yoga business may pose challenges for some people. Striking a balance between authenticity and accessibility will help create a name that resonates with a wide range of individuals.

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