Anna Novelo

Anna is a freelance lifestyle writer and yoga teacher currently living in sunny San Diego, California. Being a first-generation Mexican-American of Mayan Indigenous roots, yoga was unknown to her growing up and didn’t come into her life until her early 20’s around 2014. But once she found it (or it found her) life would never be the same. 

She uses the tools of storytelling and yoga to convey a message of hope and inspiration. Her classes are a balance between playfulness and depth.  

In 2019 she took a 3 month backpacking trip to Thailand and after a series of spiritual happenings returned to the states and serendipitously became a yoga teacher later that year. She received her 300 hour certification in 2021 from Adriene Mishler’s co-owned yoga studio Practice Yoga Austin. 

She is a certified Ayurveda Practitioner and trained in yin, restorative, pre/postnatal, and kids yoga with a strong focus on the mind-body connection. She currently hosts the Art of Moving Prana yoga channel where she curates free yoga classes for all. Her mission is to make the tools of yoga accessible to as many people as possible especially those in underrepresented communities. When she isn’t reading, teaching or writing, she is trying to balance her high vata tendencies of spacing out and day dreaming all day. 

Anna’s Articles:

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