The 7 Best Large Yoga Mats 2023: Give Yourself Room To Downward Dog!

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Although it’s not an absolute necessity, most people are much more comfortable practicing yoga on a yoga mat than on a yoga towel, plain floor, or rug.

A yoga mat reduces the risk of slipping, particularly as you sweat because it provides some traction between your body and the floor as well as between the floor and the mat.

Yoga mats also provide some cushioning between your body and the hard surface of the floor, increasing the comfort of your hands, feet, back, bones, and joints, so that they aren’t digging into the floor.

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Most standard yoga mats are about 24 inches wide and 68-72 inches long. This length translates to 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet long, which can be a good size for many adults and teenagers.

However, tall yogis and those with larger bodies will want an extra-long yoga mat or a large yoga mats to ensure they have adequate room to fully stretch out, whether in Corse Pose or other lengthening yoga poses. 

The best large yoga mats are made just as well as standard-sized yoga mats but have extra length or width to provide more room to exercise.

If you’re taller or bigger and looking for the best large yoga mats, keep reading to learn more about our top picks for bigger yoga mats.

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Best Long Yoga Mat: Gaiam Extra Long Yoga Mat

Gaiam Extra Long Yoga Mat

When you’re really just looking for one of the best extra-long yoga mats but don’t need extra width, we highly recommend the Gaiam Extra Long Yoga Mat.

This premium extra-long yoga mat measures a generous 78 inches in length and can be purchased in the standard 24-inch width or the slightly wider 26-inch width. 

All mat sizes are a nice 5 mm thick for optimal cushioning and pressure relief for your hands, elbows, hips, knees, feet, spine, and tailbone.

The Gaiam Extra Long Yoga Mat has a lightweight PVC backing to stick to the floor and the closed-cell construction seals out sweat and odors.

This technology also keeps the top of the yoga mat dry yet sticky, making it one of the best long yoga mats for hot yoga.

Best Extra Long Cork Yoga Mat: Body By Yoga Luxury Cork Yoga Mat

Body By Yoga Luxury Cork Yoga Mat

Cork yoga mats are a natural, eco-friendly alternative to any sort of plastic or synthetic rubber yoga mat for those who want to simultaneously take care of the planet and their body. 

There are an increasing number of cork yoga mats these days, but our pick for the best extra long cork yoga mat is the Body By Yoga Luxury Cork Yoga Mat.

This large cork yoga mat is thicker, longer, and wider than standard yoga mats, making it a great oversized yoga mat for bigger people.

It measures a generous 80 inches long (7 feet), 26 inches wide, and 6.5 mm thick, so it’s one of the best yoga mats for tall men and women. 

Crafted from premium Portuguese cork, the Body By Yoga Luxury Cork Yoga Mat uses six times more cork than your standard cork yoga mat, making it more rugged and durable so that it’s built to last. 

The surface of the yoga mat is anti-slip and cushioned for comfort; providing just the right amount of “give” to alleviate pressure on your joints without being overly squishy and unstable.

One of the cool benefits of cork yoga mats is that they actually get grippier when you sweat, giving you the confidence that you’ll be stable and secure even as your workout gets intense. As such, this is one of the best large yoga mats for hot yoga.

A final feature of this yoga mat is the alignment lines on the top side.

These lines are intended to help guide you to ensure you have the proper posture and form for your yoga poses.

A nice bonus is that your purchase gives you access to Body By Yoga’s exclusive Perfect-Posture alignment system videos to help you properly use the alignment lines on the yoga mat.

Best Premium Large Yoga Mat: Manduka PRO Extra Long Yoga Mat

Manduka PRO Extra Long Yoga Mat

Our pick for the best premium large yoga mat is the Manduka PRO Extra-Long Yoga Mat.

With a plush thickness of 6 mm, it’s a great extra thick yoga mat for yogis wanting extra cushioning for sore knees, hips, or shoulders.

It’s the longest yoga mat we tested, spanning an incredible 85 inches long.

It is 26 inches wide and weighs a whopping 8.5 pounds. This is a solid, durable yoga mat built for heavy use.

Meticulously crafted in Germany, the Manduka PRO Extra Long Yoga Mat is made from PVC that has been certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, meaning that it’s responsibly crafted in a sustainable, emissions-free facility.

There’s perhaps no better indication that this durable yoga mat is designed to last than the lifetime warranty that comes with the mat.

Best Extra Wide Yoga Mat: CAMBIVO Extra Wide Yoga Mat

CAMBIVO Extra Wide Yoga Mat

When you’re really just looking for an extra wide yoga mat but don’t need any extra length, we recommend the CAMBIVO Extra Wide Yoga Mat.

This large yoga mat is just slightly longer than standard yoga mats at 72 inches, but it’s a full 8 inches wider, with a roomy width of 32 inches.

With a thickness of 6 mm, the CAMBIVO Extra Wide Yoga Mat is especially good at cushioning your body and enhancing comfort during your yoga poses.

Concerns about doing yoga with sore knees or sore elbows and wrists can be put to rest.

Therefore, the size and shape of this large yoga mat make it ideal for bigger men and women, particularly if you have broad shoulders, wider hips, or an overall stockier build.

We were impressed with the grippiness of this yoga mat.

It doesn’t feel unpleasantly sticky to the touch, yet it reliably stays in place and keeps your body in place on top of the mat, even when you sweat.

Made from TPE, this wide yoga mat has double-sided grippy surfaces, with a wavy texture on the underside to grip the floor and a subtle texture on the top for anti-slip confidence. Still, it won’t irritate your bare hands and feet as you press into the mat.

The closed-cell technology locks out moisture, bacteria, and odors.

Lastly, the yoga mat is anti-tear, anti-rip, and durable, ensuring many years of use.

Best Large Yoga Mat for Beginners: Lululemon The Reversible (Big) Mat Marble.

 Lululemon The Reversible (Big) Mat Marble

Lululemon is beloved for their trendy, high-quality yoga clothing and gear.

The Lululemon yoga mat is one of the most popular yoga mats for beginners and die-hard yogis alike. 

They made a large yoga mat with the same quality and features with the premium Lululemon The Reversible (Big) Mat Marble.

Designed for tall yogis, this extra-long yoga mat is a generous 84 inches long (7 feet), giving even the tallest users ample room to stretch out during any asana.

We also think it’s one of the best extra-long yoga mats for beginners because it’s nice and thick, easy to clean, and super grippy to prevent falls.

It’s a heavy yoga mat, weighing 3.2 kg, or just over 7 pounds, as it is an extra thick yoga mat (5 mm), and it’s also 4 inches wider than a standard yoga mat at 28 inches.

The top layer of this natural rubber yoga mat is designed to absorb moisture and increase stickiness as you sweat to enhance traction.

Note that this natural rubber yoga mat may contain latex, so those with latex allergies should not use this mat.

Best Budget Large Yoga Mat: CAMBIVO Extra Long and Wide Yoga Mat 

CAMBIVO Extra Long and Wide Yoga Mat 

Most large yoga mats are quite expensive, but you can find high-quality, inexpensive oversized yoga mats as well.

Our pick for the best budget large yoga mat is the  CAMBIVO Extra Long and Wide Yoga Mat.

For less than $50, you get an extra long and extra wide yoga mat, measuring 84 inches long by 30 inches wide, and it’s a plush, 1/4-inch thick, which helps protect your joints from pressing into the hard floor.

We love that this large yoga mat is both longer and wider than most oversized yoga mats, which are typically just longer.

As such, it’s one of the best extra-large yoga mats for bigger yogis.

It weighs 5.1 pounds and only comes in black for this size, but it’s nice and thick, anti-slip, and has a unique honeycomb design on the bottom.

This indentation pattern provides a grippy texture that prevents the yoga mat from sliding around on the floor, helping you feel secure and grounded on the mat no matter what pose you do.

This extra-large yoga mat is durable, tear-resistant, and wicks moisture.

It can be wiped clean with a damp, soapy cloth. Overall, it’s a great value for a long-lasting, large yoga mat.

Best Extra Large Yoga Mat: Gorilla Mats Premium Large 7′ x 5′ Yoga Mat

Gorilla Mats Premium Large 7' x 5' Yoga Mat

When you truly want an extra large yoga mat, you can’t beat the Gorilla Mats Premium Large 7′ x 5′ Yoga Mat.

It’s super large, in all three dimensions, and is designed to withstand years and wear and tear, whether used solely for yoga or exercise in general.

This extra large yoga mat certainly has a higher price point than most standard yoga mats and even most other extra long yoga mats, but it’s a generous 84 inches long (7 feet) by 60 inches (5 feet) wide, and a plush 8 mm thick. 

If you have sore or tender joints, you’ll really appreciate this added thickness.

The cushioning is unparalleled, yet it’s not so squishy and soft that it feels unstable. It’s really the perfect balance in terms of comfort, function, and stability.

The Gorilla Mats Premium Large Yoga Mat comes in several different colors and comes with two storage straps, a microfiber towel, and a convenient carry bag.

Once you have your extra long yoga mat and are ready to get started on your yoga journey, take your yoga mat for a spin with this beginner yoga workout video for bigger bodies.

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