The 8 Best Yoga Socks On The Market Right Now Reviewed & Compared

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Buying the best yoga socks can be difficult because even though there are quite a few options marketed as anti-slip yoga socks, many grippy yoga socks are either too hot, too thick or stiff, poorly made, or not as anti-slip as they claim to be.

We’ve reviewed and tested the top yoga socks and rounded up the best yoga socks on the market right now. We want to ensure you can safely flow from Downward-Facing Dog Pose to Chaturanga with your feet firmly connected to your favorite yoga mat.

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Why Should You Wear Yoga Socks?

Imagine this: You’ve rolled out your yoga mat and have decided to do a few Sun Salutations to warm up. However, when you move from Low Lunge Pose (Anjaneyasana) to Plank Pose, your feet slide around on your mat, and you’re unable to hold the pose.

Most people choose to practice yoga barefoot or in yoga socks, rather than wearing shoes, which can make it harder to feel grounded in the pose

But, regular athletic socks can be too slippery and don’t provide the grip you need to maintain traction on your mat.

Practicing yoga barefoot isn’t the cleanest or hygienic option, since you’ll also have your face on your yoga mat.

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The best yoga socks allow you to practice yoga without feeling restricted by your socks or unsafe. 

They should be grippy on the bottom to prevent skidding and sliding on your mat.

In this way, yoga socks can provide stability, balance, reduce the risk of injuries, and help you maintain proper alignment during poses, all while improving hygiene over practicing yoga barefoot.

Some yoga socks also separate the toes to allow for more flexibility and independent movement during poses, while open-toe yoga socks allow the toes to be completely open and free to stretch out and provide balance during difficult asanas.

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The 8 Best Yoga Socks On The Market Right Now

#8: Best Lace-Up Yoga Socks: Gaiam Grippy Lace-Up Yoga Socks

Gaiam Grippy Lace-Up Yoga Socks

If you want a beautiful, fashionable yoga sock, you might want to consider lace-up yoga socks, which have a somewhat ballet-inspired aesthetic.

The best lace-up yoga socks don’t just look cute—the ribbons up the ankles help prevent the socks from slipping down your heel and falling off when you sweat.

Our pick for the best lace-up yoga socks are the Gaiam Grippy Lace-Up Yoga Socks, which combine all the features of grippy-toe yoga socks with the added security of the lacing up ribbons.

They have slip-resistant silicone grippers on the bottom and are made with 95% polyester for breathability and moisture-wicking control.

Plus, they are machine washable.

#7: Best Inexpensive Yoga Socks: Gaiam Toeless Yoga Socks

Gaiam Toeless Yoga Socks

Although it’s certainly cheaper to practice yoga barefoot than to wear yoga socks, the good news is that there are some great inexpensive yoga socks, even if you’re on a tight budget. 

Our pick for the best cheap yoga socks are the Gaiam Toeless Yoga Socks.

Made in the USA from 75% cotton, 15% nylon, and 10% wool with silicone grippers on the sole for traction, these toeless yoga socks are comfortable, breathable, and lightweight. Best of all, they are less than $10.

The tactile sensation of having your toes free can improve your sensory feedback during your workout, and you don’t have to worry about picking up fungus or bacteria from doing yoga barefoot. 

These yoga socks are slim and small, so you can even throw them in a pocket or stash them easily inside your rolled-up yoga mat on the way to your favorite Vinyasa class.

#6: Best Low-Cut Yoga Socks: Tavi Noir Women’s Emma Non-Slip Yoga Socks 

Tavi Noir Women’s Emma Non-Slip Yoga Socks 

The Tavi Noir Women’s Emma Non-Slip Yoga Socks are perfect for yogis looking for a low-profile, non-slip yoga sock.

They have a Mary Jane shoe design, which looks cute and keeps your foot cool and dry.

The pattern of silicone grippers on the bottom provides excellent anti-slip protection, and there are lots of fun color options to choose from.

Made from 62% organic cotton, 20% nylon, 11% polyester, and 7% elastane fibers, the Tavi Noir Women’s Emma Non-Slip Yoga Socks are wonderfully soft yet rugged enough to stand up to tough yoga workouts.

There’s also a nice heel tab to protect the Achilles’ tendon and keep the socks from sliding down your heel, as well as an arch band to support and lift your foot.

#5: Best Grippy Yoga Socks: Risefit Non Slip Yoga Socks with Grip

Risefit Non Slip Yoga Socks with Grip

If you like the open-toe yoga sock design, you will love the Risefit Non Slip Yoga Socks with Grip.

They are super grippy for stay-put confidence, yet they are soft and flexible to allow for graceful movements. 

Because most of the sock is open aside from the straps on top, your feet will be cool and comfortable in the Bikram yoga studio or hot yoga class.

You get the safety and hygienic benefits of wearing an anti-slip yoga sock and the airflow benefits of practicing yoga barefoot.

These open-toed yoga socks have a comfortable leather pad on the sole for a bit more protection for your skin from friction and uneven surfaces.

The sock itself is made from high-quality, breathable Lycra with eco-friendly silicone grippers on the bottom.

The crisscross straps keep the yoga sock in place while still allowing for the ultimate freedom of movement of your foot.

#4: Most Supportive Yoga Socks: Gaiam Yoga Socks Grippy Studio Wraps

Gaiam Yoga Socks Grippy Studio Wraps

Yoga foot wraps are sort of like a hybrid between a grippy yoga sock and a ballet slipper with a slightly more structured footbed.

The open-toed design gives your toes all the freedom they need to help you grip the mat for balance and stability.

We think the Gaiam Women’s Yoga Socks Grippy Studio Wraps are the most supportive yoga socks.

They are extremely flexible and lightweight, yet they have a more structured sole and heel for better stability, comfort, and security of your feet on your yoga mat, floor; or yoga rug.

The cross-over straps keep the foot wraps securely in place, even as you twist and turn your feet and ankles from pose to pose.

These grippy yoga foot wraps have super sticky silicone grippers on the bottom; which provide excellent traction and anti-slip protection.

They are designed to negate the need for a yoga towel on top of your yoga mat.

#3: Best Closed-Toe Yoga Socks: Ozaiic Yoga Socks for Women Non-Slip Grips & Straps

 Ozaiic Yoga Socks for Women Non-Slip Grips & Straps

If you prefer a closed-toe grippy yoga sock, we highly recommend the Ozaiic Yoga Socks for Women Non-Slip Grips & Straps.

These machine-washable yoga socks have a patented, ballet-inspired design.

They are made from premium-quality combed cotton for softness and comfort and 100% silicone gel grips on the bottom for anti-skid, non-slip traction.

We like the low-profile design and cutouts in these socks, as they help keep your feet nice and cool as you work up a sweat.

The sole of these machine-washable yoga socks is well-cushioned for a bit more protection between your foot and the floor.

#2: Best Long Yoga Socks: Lululemon Find Your Balance Studio Crew Sock

Lululemon Find Your Balance Studio Crew Sock

Some yogis prefer long yoga socks like crew yoga socks that come up and over the ankle and part way up the shin. 

Long yoga socks can keep your ankles warmer, especially if they get stiff or are arthritic. No-show yoga socks or those that barely come up over the heel are often prone to slipping down, popping off the heel, and scrunching up under your foot.

Our pick for the best long yoga socks are the Lululemon Find Your Balance Studio Crew Sock.

Like Lululemon’s other Find Your Balance Studio Yoga Socks, these well-made yoga socks have both interior and exterior grippers to keep the socks in place on your foot and on your yoga mat. 

The exterior grippers are specifically mapped along the sole in areas where your foot experiences pressure with the ground, and the interior grippers ensure the yoga socks don’t slide down your heels.

Made from 95% nylon for durability and 5% elastane for stretch; the Lululemon Find Your Balance Studio Crew Socks are designed to keep your feet comfortable and last for years of yoga workouts

Lastly, these crew yoga socks feature an ErgoToes™ foot-specific design and 360° arch support for maximal comfort and effectiveness.

#1: Best Toeless Yoga Socks: Toesox Women’s Bellarina Half Toe Grip Yoga Socks

Toesox Women's Bellarina Half Toe Grip Yoga Socks

Toeless yoga socks allow you to separate and move your toes independently for greater balance, control, and connection between your body and the mat as you flow between and hold asanas.

Our pick for the best toeless yoga socks is the Toesox Women’s Bellarina Half Toe Grip Yoga Socks. They are perfect for everyday use, come in tons of colors, and have a premium, soft feel with superior anti-slip silicone grippers on the bottom.

Another perk is that these yoga socks are made from 77% organic cotton, 19% polyester, and 4% other fibers.

The seams are all smooth and well-stitched for durability and years of use.

Other features we love are the heel tab, which helps keep the yoga sock in place on your foot, and the arch bands, which are designed to lift and support your arch while you practice barefoot.

The design of the sock anchors it to your foot while still letting in plenty of air with the open toes and open top.

Your feet will be cool and comfortable even as you sweat.

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