11 Best Gifts For Yoga Lovers

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Looking for the perfect gift for the yogi in your life? Look no further!

We have trialled and tested all of the following gifts for yoga lovers and refined our top picks for you. We hope you enjoy going through this list as much as we enjoyed making it 🙂

Ready to find out what the 11 best gifts for yoga lovers are this year?

Let’s get into it!

1. SANSEVO Lavender Weighted Eye Pillow

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Price: $25.00

If you have ever used a weighted eye pillow during Savasana at the end of a good yoga practice, then you know how they can completely transform your experience.

Such a simple item has the potential to support you in ultimate relaxation.

The SANSEVO weighted eye pillow is made of the softest linen and contains a blend of rose quartz, lavender, and flax seeds. The lavender scent gently calms and soothes, whilst the rose quarts opens and purifies your heart.

And to further your relaxation, this eye pillow is microwaveable. This means that you can experience a gentle warming sensation on your eyes, relieving your dry eyes.

Savasana has never felt so good.

2. ZenBears Gift Box

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Price: £55.00

Zen by name, zen by nature. Zenbears are a UK-based manufacturer of vegan-friendly CBD gummy bears. ZenBears is non-psychoactive and high quality.

It is no surprise that CBD and yoga go hand in hand, from slow restorative practices to more intense flows.

CBD has been shown to relieve psychological and physical pain. So if you pop a ZeanBears gummy before you start your yoga practice, it will support you in leaving the stresses of the day behind and allow your body to fully ease into the practice.

CBD has also been shown to help those who suffer from sleep issues. So, chew on a ZenBear an hour before bedtime and drift off to sleep with a Yoga Nidra For Sleep guided meditation.

The ZenBear gift box includes a ZenBear jar of 30 CBD gummies, a rockin’ bear beanie, a cute small teddy bear in a lotus position, and a CBD bath bomb, the best gifts for yoga lovers who want to chill out.

3. Radiance Nebulizing Diffuser

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Price: $99.00

This Radiance Nebulizing Diffuser diffuses pure essential oils. This is because it doesn’t require the use of water. Instead, it uses a whisper-quiet, ultra-durable air pump to naturally atomize pure essential oil into millions of tiny micro-particles your body can absorb quickly. Sounds sciency!

This creates a whimsical mist in the bottle and permeates the room with a pure essential oil scent.

This diffuser is made out of elegant hand blown glass and a real hardwood base. It also has an elegant LED rainbow-carousel mood lighting that can be turned off/on. 

The diffuser can help to create the perfect zen environment in any yoga studio, or transform a living room or bedroom into a private yoga studio.

Bring the luxuries of a bespoke studio to the yogi in your life with this diffuser!

4. Zenluma Chakra Crystal Set

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Price: $36.95

This is the perfect gift for the spiritual yogi.

This Chakra Crista Set features 13 healing stones and crystals and is a natural gateway for inviting harmony and healing to your life.

The beautiful stones are hand selected and can be used by yogis in many ways; from creating spiritual alters to meditate with, to placing on the chakras during savasana, to placing around the home or yoga studio to activate certain energies.

The set is also an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys the spiritual side of yoga, Reiki, Wiccan practices, or meditation.

5. Aromatherapy leisure Roll On

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Price: $12.00

Blending French lavender, German chamomile, and Indian peppermint, this handy roll on is your answer to relief, relaxation, and renewal on the go. And it smells amazing.

Roll on to the back of the neck, forehead, wrists, or temples, or inhale its scent before a restorative yoga practice and feel soothed and supported.

It’s also a great gift idea for a yogi on the go. Give the gift of luxurious feel good to your busy yogi.

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6. ASUTRA Lavender Yoga mat Cleaner Spray

X Gifts For Yoga Lovers 6

Price: $13.99

Show your loved ones yoga mat some love! This natural and organic yoga mat cleaner does wonders for your mat and your senses. The fresh smelling lavender scent has aromatherapy properties that leave yogis feeling calm yet energized.

The ASUTRA yoga mat cleaner is hand-made with love. It is free from parabens, phosphates, and bleach and contains zero harsh chemicals. And being water based- it is perfect for all yoga mat types! So no risk buying this one as a gift.

7. Meadow Of enlightenment Meditation Cushion

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Price: £59.00

This meditation cushion by Complete Unity Yoga is just gorgeous. It is beautifully crafted out of natural fabric and stylishly designed. Give the gift of comfortably supported meditation with this meditation cushion.

Even the most seasoned yogi is no stranger to feeling uncomfortable during meditation in Lotus Pose. After a while, your back starts to feel sore and your hips tight. But not with this cushion!

The Meadow Of Enlightenment Meditation Cushion is ergonomically designed by material engineers and meditation practitioners to contour to your body, align the spine, and lift your hips up so you will feel that comfortable meditation posture every time.

Some awesome features of this meditation cushion include:

  • A machine washable cushion cover
  • A carry handle for ease of transporting the cushion
  • A natural and eco friendly buckweat hull filling
  • And great grip, so no slipping off the cushion

This is a great gift for the yogi looking to deepen their meditation practice.

8. Shandali Stickyfiber Hot Yoga Towel

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Price: $19.99

If you’ve ever practiced hot yoga you know the struggle- hands and feet slipping all over the mat, towel slipping off the mat, sweat dripping through the yoga towel. It’s a mess!

Look no further! Shandali have created a “Stickyfiber Hot Yoga Towel”. What does this mean? The Shandali has a silicone web on the bottom of the towel to prevent slips and trips.

This means that as you bend, balance, and sweat, the towel you place on top of your yoga mat, and you, are not going anywhere.

Not slipping means allowing the yogi to confidently develop their practice. So if you’ve got a yogi friend who’s looking for a nudge of encouragement to make the leap into hot yoga or tricky arm balances, the Shandali Mat might be for them.

9. JoGo Straw

X Gifts For Yoga Lovers 9

Price: $24.95

The JoGo Straw is for the Instagrammable yogi who takes a morning stroll or hike to a remote location on an early and bright weekend morning and unrolls their mat out in nature.

And what’s the next best thing after a sunrise yoga stretch on the beach? A morning french press style coffee on the beach.

The JoGo Straw is the outdoor and coffee enthusiasts dream. It is by far the easiest way to make coffee out in nature.

If you’re an outdoorsy coffee lover you know the struggle of making coffee in the great outdoors. It’s messy, it’s bulky, it requires a million moving parts.

The JoGo straw is simple and environmentally conscious. It cuts out all the wasteful paper filters and coffee pods by making a process where you just add coffee grounds and hot water into your mug, stir, and enjoy!

10. A Yoga Anytime Subscription


6 Month Subscripton: $108

1 Year Subscription: $216

Yoga Anytime is the perfect gift for the yogi who works from home or the yogi who travels. Either way, with a Yoga Anytime Subscription, you will give them the gift of the world of yoga at their fingertips.

Yoga Anytime is an online subscription-based platform that houses over 2,900 videos of different durations and for different levels. Whatever your yoga ability or your time requirement, Yoga Anytime will meet you there.

Yoga Anytime offers gift certificates so that you can give the invaluable gift of yoga to those in your life.

11. Handmade Tibetan Singing Bowl

11 Gifts For Yoga Lovers

Price: $89.99

If you’ve ever been in a yoga class where the teacher incorporates a singing bowl, you’ll be aware of the way that their sound touches your soul. Give that gift to someone in your life with this Handmade Tibetan Singing Bowl.

The bowl is well-tuned, fits in your palm, and comes in a set along with chimes and a silk pillow.

Tradition dictates that different bowls awaken different chakras within the body. This bowl resonates at a specific frequency which is said to address imbalances in the Crown Chakra.

This bowl can be used during a beautiful and intentional meditation or yoga practice.

A super special gift for a special someone who will appreciate it.

Check Out The Tibetan Singing Bowl
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