Greta Zapolskyte

Greta Zapolskyte, yogajala writer

Certificated yoga teacher and reiki practitioner, and an astrology student. With a deep interest in all things unseen.

My yoga journey began around 8 years ago and was mostly influenced by amazing teachers in London, India, and Bali. Since then, I have gained 200 hours of teacher training certification (Ashtanga and Vinyasa) in India, taken numerous other yoga courses, taught classes in India and Sri Lanka, and held retreats and yoga circles in Lithuania.

I am deeply fascinated by the body’s intelligence and the way we can access it by combining the power of the mind. I truly believe that it all comes down to our habits and how we approach each and every single day. Yoga taught me that you can’t rush your progress and growth, just like you can’t rush your flexibility or ability to master one asana or the other.

After finishing my first Vipassana meditation retreat in India (2018), I have decided to always include meditation in my teachings. Sometimes, and quite frequently, it is not a movement but the deep stillness that allows us to hear the true answers, the true callings. I am here for that.

Outside of my yoga teachings, I work on projects that focus on topics such as sustainability, mindfulness, and authentic living. After receiving my Master’s Degree in International Relations (with a focus on environmental issues), I knew I wanted to eventually bring all of these topics together and share my knowledge as well as my creative vision in order to inspire and make positive changes in the lives of others. 

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