Ksepana Mudra (Kali Mudra)

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Ksepana Mudra / Kali Mudra

Ksepana –  (to throw away, to let go) + mudra (gesture)

Ayurvedic Element – Air

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Before diving into the benefits and implementation of this mudra, we need to understand with what energies we are working here. Ksepana Mudra is commonly referred to as Kali Mudra.

Kali, in Sanskrit, means ‘she who is death‘. It is the goddess, which is known to destroy evil forces and push you towards ultimate transformation.

Destruction, fearlessness, death—all these words succeed in describing the overall vibration Kali brings to the surface. It is no longer about hiding and piling up unnecessarily; when this energy is activated, we are pushed to let go, to pour off.

Kali is painted to be this angry, unstoppable force. Her nature is dark and intense, yet there is a deep meaning behind it. This goddess wants to liberate us from our own demons.

Whether or not you are ready for this transformation, the energy pushes you to let go of toxic behaviors, negative patterns, and ideas that are not serving your highest self.

Together with transformation, this mudra opens new pathways to clarity. If we felt stuck and unable to focus on our true desires, if we just see obstacles instead of opportunities, we can begin to release the associations with such energies.

Here we begin to activate Sushumna Nadi and tap into unfelt awareness. Previously, unreachable sensations can become more accessible than ever.

Ayurvedic Element – Air

Ksepana (Kali) Mudra balances the air element within the body. 

On a physical level, through sweat and urine, it flushes out the toxins within the body. It also reduces the tension and stiffness that may be felt at the joints.

Mentally, it brings calmness and helps to release anxious feelings and emotions. This is highly beneficial for those who experience panic attacks, have trouble sleeping, or have depressive thought patterns.

Chakras – Heart, Throat, And Crown Chakra

Ksepana governess and helps to build a stronger connection with our heart space – Anahata chakra.

The implementation of Kali energy gives us a sense of empowerment, we begin to ask questions, such as: does this really serve me? Is there a need for me to release certain relationships in order to live a more heart-felt reality? 

We can increase our connection with our heart by bringing our awareness to our heart space.

By adding Kali mudra to our daily practices, we can begin to hear our hearts’ calls much more clearly. We can begin the journey of letting go.

Kali’s energy also strongly activates the throat and crown chakras.

Meridians – Lung

Ksepana Mudra relates to the Lung Meridian. Working together with Apana Vayu (the air that moves away), we allow physical processes as menstruation, childbirth, perspiration, and urination to work smoothly.

Working with this meridian will allow us to eliminate and detoxify our mental body as well. It’s as if we are experiencing a gentle purge of what’s no longer needed.

By allowing life force (prana) to freely move through our lungs, we are allowing the subtle sensations of ease, acceptance, and appreciation to grow within us.

Ksepana Mudra Benefits

  • Helps us to release negativity and adopt a more positive outlook on life.
  • When we are experiencing suffering or feel unable to cope with heavy emotions, mudra increases our strength and ability to shift our energy.
  • It gives us a glimpse into the areas that would greatly benefit from letting go.
  • It may help to see the areas that are draining our vital energy on a daily basis.
  • Aids in digestion.
  • It is highly advisable to incorporate this mudra practice before any new chapter. This can aid us in closing all the doors that are needed as well as bringing refreshing vibrations to new circumstances.
  •  Detoxifies our physical body.


It is advisable to avoid the incorporation of this practice, especially during yoga sequences, if you have a thinner, more fragile body type.

How-to perform Ksepana Mudra

1. Sit in a comfortable seated position. Make sure your spine is fully extended.

2. Begin by drawing your attention to your breath.

3. Bring your hands to your heart.

4. Place your palms together and clasp the hands with all the fingers interlocked. 

5. Extend both index fingers and gently press them together.

6. Extend your arms overhead and point your index fingers to the sky

7. The energy is rising up from your fingers, the spine is extended, and you should feel a sense of lifting up.

8. Feel your breathing becoming deeper and stronger while in this mudra. Allow Kali’s fierce energy to strengthen your entire being. 

Bonus tip:

Once you interlace your fingers and have your index fingers pointing up, It is important to have your left thumb on top of your right thumb.

Why is that? We are working with two energies here. The left side of the body represents our feminine nature, and the right side of the body represents our masculine energy. This way, the two can work in harmony.

When to use Ksepana Mudra:


Ksepana (Kali) energy has an energy of emptiness, resurgence, rebirth. Burning all to ashes in order to be reborn again. During your meditation practice, you can work on strengthening this renewal.

While you sit in your comfortable meditation position (lotus, easy pose), hold Ksepana Mudra. You can either place it near the throat or directly in front of the solar plexus. Closing your eyes, feeling the gesture of the hands, and continuing to welcome the breath.

Let go of what’s no longer needed. Make room for new and exciting energy to enter.

If your mind begins to wander, bring your awareness back to the mudra. You may wish to imagine the Goddess Kali stripping away your illusions, blockages, and your inability to see clearly.


While holding the mudra, you may also wish to chant the Kali Mantra: Om Krim Kali. It means: “I meditate upon the divine presence of the Great Maa Kaali, the source of all primal energy, to bestow upon me peace and liberation.”

With these words, we invoke Kali’s fierce energy, allowing inner and outer transformation to begin.

You may also wish to create your own affirmations and use them whenever you are practicing this mudra.

For instance, I embrace the transformation that is upon me; I have all the energy and determination to tackle the tasks ahead; I am confident and fierce in the pursuit of my soul’s purpose”. 


The purification of energies comes through the breath.

While you hold the mudra, notice the quality of your own breathing. Notice if there are any restrictions, uneven patterns, or tension.

Notice how your chest expands with each inhalation and how it expels what’s not needed with each exhalation.


Together with this conscious breathing, it is highly advisable to implement Kali Mudra into the following yoga asanas:

In all of these asanas, energy will rise from the bottom to the top. Extend the arms, relax the shoulders, and come into the Kali hand gesture. Begin to activate the core and allow the stronger energies to come through.

Where and When:

  • It is advisable to practice this mudra for 15 minutes.
  • The most suitable hours for Kali Mudra are 2-6 a.m. and 2-6 p.m.
  • As always, make sure to have a peaceful and safe space for your practice.
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