Chakra Yoga: A Complete Guide

Inside each of us are seven sparkling, powerful jewels awaiting excavation. You’ve likely heard of these mystical, shining lights during yoga classes, in social media ads for spiritual courses or on someone’s t-shirt… Ready to unpack the chakras? In this article we’ll discover: The History Of Chakras “The Seven Gods have seven spears and seven … Read more

10 Best Throat Chakra Yoga Poses For Self Expression

Although you may not be able to see them, the spinning vortexes of energy that comprise your Chakra System are crucial to your physical and emotional wellbeing, ongoing development, and spiritual fulfillment. If you’re looking for the best Throat Chakra yoga poses to unlock your ability to express yourself clearly and truthfully, you’ve come to … Read more

10 Best Root Chakra Yoga Poses To Leave You Feeling Grounded

Think of your Chakras as spinning wheels of energy that ultimately create your body’s natural energy system and life force. Although these spinning energy vortexes cannot be perceived, they’re crucial to our health, fulfillment, and ongoing development as human beings. When the Chakras are aligned, you will experience harmony in all aspects of your life. … Read more