Always Walk In Your Path- A Poem

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Everyone has his own way
studded with stones, lit and burned
by the sunlight, crossed by snakes,
flooded by the rains.
Each has his own pace, his own momentum,
his gaze as he proceeds.
There are those who look at the horizon and those who look back,
who always down, to avoid falling.
There are those who fear that someone else’s journey will compromise their journey,
who believes and who bets that in the end there is a goal to cross.There are those who always walk in their own light,
under the sun and in the rain, who could not
never live in the shadows; who does not ask permission from anyone
to follow their own path,
to water their flowers, to make bigger jumps and find themselves flying.
Because no one should ask permission
to pursue their own happiness.
And then it happens that along the way, if you worked
so much to overcome the larger stones,
to jump over puddles, to cross borders,
you meet someone like you,
who has conquered miles.Because this is a path that lives on connections, intertwinings and ramifications,
because without unions it dissolves in the haze,
is annulled in the dryness of solitude.
If the other’s footprint does not frighten you, if his light does not overshadow you, if you respect his flow,
this path of yours is made to meet butterflies,
to see flowers born, to paint together
new paths, to make miracles.
© Antonella Emanuela Gobbi @amaranto__ 1
a woman staring out to the universe

This is a poem for all the free souls looking for their own path, their own art, their own business, their own talent, their own peace. Everyone has his own path, his own personal way.
We should always walk along our own path and don’t confuse it with someone else’s one, not letting anyone tell us what, when and how, we should do and think. We need all of our own consciusness and strenght to always look further to overcome the obstacles of life with pride, joy and a positive attitude, accepting our own pace and limits, to overcome them and to not let them drug us towards frustation and enviousness. We should practice compassion towards us and towards other, to let the Universe listen our desire and manifest our biggest intentions.

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Hi, I'm Antonella, an italian yoga teacher! I'm 26 y.o., I have a bachelor degree in Literary Culture of the Modern and Contemporary age, I've been writing poems since I was a child and in 2022 I published my first poetry book titled "Poesie di cenere e d'abisso". I've been practicing yoga since 7 years ago and in july 2023 I became a certified yoga teacher. I'm on my path to find a way to match and share my two passions, the poetry and the yoga, in a unique platform/space! Lot of love to you, Namastè!

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