Always Walk In Your Path- A Poem

Everyone has his own waystudded with stones, lit and burnedby the sunlight, crossed by snakes,flooded by the rains.Each has his own pace, his own momentum,his gaze as he proceeds.There are those who look at the horizon and those who look back,who always down, to avoid falling.There are those who fear that someone else’s journey will … Read more

The Yogic Revolution: Social Justice On And Off The Mat

“There is no yoga without justice. There is no peace without yoga. No justice, no peace.” Susanna Barkataki, Embrace Yoga’s Roots When we look at the depiction of popularized yoga throughout Western culture, we might think of asanas, meditation, yoga mats, Lululemon sets, and Zen yoga studios with lots of plants. I doubt that many … Read more

Becoming A Travelling Yogi: My Journey From Non-Yogi To Global Retreat Leader

I’ll be honest. I hated my first yoga class … You may have heard many yoga teachers say that “yoga found them”. Well, I most certainly ‘found yoga’! Back in 1999, I was a stressed-out high school teacher with debilitating lower back pain left over from my days as a dancer. I was searching for … Read more