Is Pilates Yoga? 10 Differences Between These Two Wellness Practices

Is pilates yoga? This is a question that we yoga teachers receive more than you might think. Many people are curious about what sets Pilates and yoga apart, and it’s understandable. These popular wellness practices might look like two peas in a pod, both promising flexibility, strength, and a healthy body. But, surprise! They’re not … Read more

How To Find A Yoga Community: Ways To Make New Likeminded Friends

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Thai Yoga 101: Origins, Benefits, How To

Yoga takes on many forms. You are probably most familiar with yoga styles that involve physical postures and breathwork that provide a variety of benefits. There is another style of yoga that includes massage techniques. It is called Thai Yoga. It is a meditative practice that beautifully fuses traditional yoga with the holistic healing powers … Read more

8 Throat Chakra Tattoo Ideas: Creative Ways To Honor Your Self Expression

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