300 Cute Vegan Puns and Sayings: Lettuce Make You Laugh!

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Welcome to our selection of the best vegetarian and vegan puns!

If you’re plant-based amongst meat-eaters, you’ll know that we vegans can often be the butt of some pretty awful jokes and jibes.

Well, we think it’s time to wave goodbye to Vegaphobia and get in on these jokes – and how better than to have a few hilarious vegan puns and saying up your sleeve?

We love a good pun, so we’ve compiled our pick of the best vegetable-inspired puns and sayings which are great for any occasion.

So, sit back and lettuce make you laugh with these cute vegan and vegetarian puns!

happy couple laughing at vegan puns in a restaurant.

The 300+ Best Veg-Inspired Cute Vegan Puns

Avocado-Inspired Vegan Puns

  1. You’ve guac this.
  2. Avothing will be alright.
  3. I need to drive but I don’t avocado.
  4. Let’s avocuddle!

Citrus-Inspired Vegan Puns

  1. You’re my main squeeze
  2. Squeeze the day
  3. Exsqueeze me!
  4. You are definitely orange-inal!
  5. I can orange that!
  6. Zest friends forever
  7. Laughter is the zest medicine
  8. Lime all yours
  9. Lime feelin’ good!
  10. Sorry, I’m bad at pickup limes
  11. It’s party lime!
  12. It’s the most wonderful lime of the year
  13. B-limey!
  14. Will you be my valen-lime
  15. The zest day of my life
  16. You’re the zest
a couple make a salad in a modern kitchen.

Exotic Fruit-Inspired Vegan Puns

  1. Honey-dew you know how happy you make me?
  2. They don’t guava clue!
  3. I guava bone to pick with you
  4. You look mango-nificent
  5. Hunny, let that mango
  6. Kiwi be friends?
  7. You hold the kiwi to my heart
  8. No thanks, I’d guava not.
  9. You can make a mango crazy!
  10. If you were a fruit, you’d be a fineapple
  11. I’m having pineapple on everything lately. It’s just Hawa-ii roll.
  12. Be like a pineapple, always wear your own crow.
  13. I’m bananas for you, let’s never split
  14. Happy banana-versary
  15. Please, leave melon.
  16. Whatamelon!
  17. Not in a melon years!
  18. You are one in a melon
  19. You look like a melon bucks!
  20. Feeling a little melon-choly
  21. I’m head over peels for you
  22. Can you peel the burn?
  23. You’re my pick of the bunch
  24. Thanks a bunch
  25. I hope you peel better soon
  26. Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana
  27. Dat pot-ASS-ium tho
  28. Bana-no!
happy older couple dance and smile around their kitchen.

Fruit-Inspired Vegan puns

  1. We make a great pear
  2. To me, you’re pearfect
  3. Hang in pear, pal
  4. Nothing compears to you!
  5. Don’t give into pear-pressure
  6. Sorry that you’re not peeling well
  7. I’ve got it all fig-ured out
  8. Would you fig-give me?
  9. It’s no fig deal
  10. You are plum-believable!
  11. You’re my number plum
  12. A sleepy fruit is called a nap-ricot
  13. You’re the apple of my pie
  14. I apple-solutely appreciate it
  15. I’d like to apple-ogise
  16. Let’s live appley ever after
  17. Apple-rently it’s your birthday!
  18. I find you very appeeling
  19. You’re awesome to the core
  20. I’ve got all the in-cider information
  21. Peach for the stars
  22. You’ll forever have a peach of my heart
  23. We were made for peach other
  24. Peach to their own
  25. Thanks! I ap-peach-iate it
  26. Practice what you peach
  27. Nasty peach of work
  28. You’ve left me s-peachless
  29. I hope your day is as peachy as your butt
cute girl eats bread and smiles.

Berry-Inpired Vegan Puns

  1. I love you cherry much
  2. I cherry-ish you
  3. I miss you cherry-bly
  4. Have a cherry good birthday!
  5. I hope you cherry up soon
  6. Hand over all your money! This is a stroberry
  7. Thank you stro-berry much
  8. Strawberries playing the guitar make the perfect jam session
  9. Thank you berry much
  10. Respect your elder-berries
  11. You’re my jam
  12. Let’s jam!
  13. I’m grapeful for our friendship
  14. You did a grape job
  15. You’re being un-raisin-able

Pea-Inspired Vegan Puns

  1. Ha-pea to be vegan.
  2. Make peas, not war.
  3. Peas on earth.
  4. Pretty peas.
  5. Peas by peas we’ll put it back together.
  6. And they lived ha-pea-ly ever after.
  7. Peas and thank you.
  8. Peas forgive me.
  9. Speak your peas.
  10. Do as you peas.
  11. I’m just looking for some peas of mind.
a couple smile and joke while cooking

Squash-Inspired Vegan Puns

  1. You’re going to squash the competition!
  2. You’re gourdgeous
  3. Life is gourd
  4. Give ‘em pumpkin to talk about.

Root Vegetable-Inspired Vegan Puns

  1. Keep calm and carrot on
  2. I yam who I yam.
  3. You can’t beet ’em!
  4. You look raddishing today.
  5. You are my soil mate.
  6. We’re best spud-dies.
  7. I’m an orange belt in carrate!
  8. You’re a swede-heart
  9. You’re my favouroot person
  10. Those are some cool beets you’re playing!
  11. Carrot in hell!
  12. You make my heart beet.
  13. I pride ourselves on our unbeetable food.
  14. Let’s not beet around the bush.
  15. Let the beet drop!
  16. We’re rooting for you!
  17. Spoiled carrotten
  18. A carrot with right angles is known as a square root
  19. Turnip the beet!
  20. I carrot live a day without veggies
  21. Don’t worry if you can’t find it, it’ll turnip somewhere.
four friends enjoy a meal in the garden, looking happy.

Soy-Inspired Vegan Puns

  1. here’s only soy much you can do.
  2. What did you just soy?
  3. You make miso happy.
  4. Never soy never.
  5. Soya bean up to much lately?
  6. Mention protein again and I’ll lose my tempeh
  7. You’re soy great!
  8. Can’t take my eyes off tofu
  9. You are tofu-king cute
  10. Happy birthday tofu, happy birthday tofu, happy birthday dear vegan, happy birthday tofu
  11. It just a-curd to me…
  12. Tofu or not tofu. That is the question

Tomato-Inspired Vegan Puns

  1. Yep, I’m vegan from my head tomatoes.
  2. Here today, gone tomato.
  3. Legalise marinara.
  4. I love you from my head tomatoes.

Olive-Inspired Vegan Puns

  1. Olive my friends are vegan.
  2. Olive me loves olive you.
  3. Olive you very much!
  4. Keep hope olive.
  5. You’re oil I need.
father, mother and sun play on sofa smiling and laughing

Legume-Inspired Vegan Puns

  1. Hey chickpea! Hum-us a song!
  2. I’m so glad I falafel for you.
  3. We cannoli dream.
  4. I’d rather pay more for a plane ticket, to be able to have the seats with extra legume.
  5. Eat beans, not beings.
  6. You’re so a-maize-ing.
  7. You’ve got to enjoy the lentil things.
  8. Words cannot describe hummus I love you.
  9. Vegan puns are so corny.
  10. Vegan len-till I die.
  11. Hope you have an aquafabulous day!
  12. You’re my favourite human bean.
  13. Hummus where the heart is.
  14. You drive me crazy. I’ve never bean this way.
  15. Spread hummus not hate.
  16. I’ve bean thinking of you.
  17. You set my pulses racing.

Chilli-Inspired Vegan Puns

  1. I’m feeling chilli. Will you warm me up?
  2. I’m not cold, I’m just a little chilli.
  3. Just chilli-in’.
  4. Chilli out on your birthday.
  5. Jalapeño business.
  6. Even when you’re a little chilli, you’re hot.
  7. You spice up my life
  8. I cayenne-not believe it!
  9. Chillies that are too spicy are a hella-pain-yo
  10. Cayenne I get a witness?
Woman laughs while doing yoga in the park.

Nut-Inspired Vegan Puns

  1. It takes a lot of nuts to be vegan.
  2. I’m nuts about you
  3. Believe it or nut
  4. Astronut
  5. It’s been all for nut’un
  6. Congratulations on tying the nut!
  7. Cashew later!
  8. You can run, but you can’t hide. I’m gonna cash-ew!
  9. Cashew! Bless you.
  10. Goody two cashews
  11. Bouncing off the walnuts
  12. You’re a pine in the nut
  13. No pine, no gain

Salad-Inspired Vegan Puns

  1. No vegan options? Romaine calm!
  2. Don’t let anyone kale your vibe.
  3. That was a close kale.
  4. Everybody romaine calm.
  5. You’re so romainetic.
  6. If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cutecumber.
  7. That was a wake-up kale.
  8. I leek you a lot.
  9. It’s the fennel countdown
  10. Shake a leek!
  11. Sassparagus
  12. I’ve lost my pencil. I should’ve brought aspare-agus!
  13. Ready to kick some asparag-ass?
  14. Every day I’m brusselin’.
  15. If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it broccoli.
  16. Sprout your wings and fly.
  17. This is a kale to action!
  18. Out of everyone, I’d pickle you.
  19. I never dreamed I’d become a super hot vegan. But here I am, kalen it.
  20. A bland salad needs addressing
  21. Lettuce celebrate.
  22. Kale Seitan
  23. Lettuce eat plants.
  24. We’ll always romaine friends.
  25. It’s too early to kale it quits.
  26. Kale force wind.
  27. Lettuce in!
  28. If you accidentally see the salad dressing, try not to look!
  29. Looking for some fresh vegetable puns? Lettuce help you.
Woman with curly hair Laughing

Bread-Inspired Vegan Puns

  1. Want a cheesy vegan pun? It’s the yeast I can do.
  2. Bready or not, here I crumb!
  3. Born and bread
  4. Bread puns happen when you yeast expect them
  5. These bread puns get a glu-ten/10
  6. Please don’t bahn mi from making bread puns
  7. I loaf you dough much
  8. Let’s grow mould together
  9. All you knead is love
  10. You’re my roll model
  11. Bun in a million
  12. You’re un-burger-liveable!
  13. You hamburgled my heart
  14. Uncrustworthy
  15. Another one bites the crust
  16. You caught my rye
  17. I knew you could dough it!
  18. Stop loafing around
  19. Oh, crumb on!
  20. Ryes and shine
  21. Whole-y grain you bread my mind!
  22. You take my bread away
  23. Are you bready for this?
  24. Going against the whole grain
  25. A no-grainer
  26. No pain, no grain
  27. Here we go agrain
  28. You can say that agrain
  29. You’re the loaf of my life
  30. I knead you, I loaf you
  31. You’re a weirdough
  32. He’s such a crepe.
  33. After the bakery burned down, business was toast
Couple cooking and laughing as man jokes, pretending oranges are his breasts.

Mushroom-Inspired Vegan Puns

  1. Vegans are fungi’s.
  2. There’s mushroom for improvement.
  3. There isn’t mushroom in here.

Herb-Inspired Vegan Puns

  1. Good chives only
  2. We are simply mint to be
  3. Loving you all the thyme
  4. Better luck next thyme
  5. You’re kinda a big dill
  6. Dill with it
  7. I herb it’s your birthday/anniversary
  8. Clove is in the air
  9. I clove you so much!
  10. It’s the fennel count down
  11. Herb your enthusiasm
  12. Hit me with your best shallot
  13. You’re unbayleafable
  14. I hate it when bay leaves
  15. Peach for the stars.
  16. The information was leeked.
  17. I love you so matcha!
diverse friendship group share a meal around a table and smile.

Food and Drink-Inspired Vegan Puns

  1. Pho sho, bro.
  2. I’m crazy pho you
  3. The only boy I like is ra-men.
  4. Life is about exploring pastabilities
  5. I am tortellini in love with you
  6. Penne for your thoughts?
  7. Send noods.
  8. Udon worry, be happy.
  9. Party like udon care.
  10. Udon know me!
  11. You’re all that and dim sum.
  12. You’re such a hot-tea
  13. You’ll always have a pizza my heart.
  14. You want a pizza me?
  15. I love you a waffle lot.
  16. We’re a matcha made in heaven.
  17. Espresso yourself!
  18. I love you a latte.

Other Vegan Puns

  1. Being vegan is a big missed steak.
  2. Not all vegans are cute. I’m a vegangster.
  3. Being vegan is a cry for kelp.
  4. Fur fox sake, go vegan!
  5. You think plant-based is extreme? Oh, but this is just the veganning . . .
  6. Go vegan right meow.
  7. Eating meat is so yesterday. Plant-based is way more v-edgy.
  8. We vegans are intolerant to cheesy puns.
  9. What do vegans do to relax? Medi-date-ing
  10. Can we give up meat? Yes VE-gan!
  11. No whey, Jose!
  12. I love you like a pig loves not being bacon
  13. Finally – oat’s about time!
  14. I was going to make a salt pun… but Na
  15. Wok hard, play hard
  16. I’m a social vegan, I avoid meet.
  17. Being vegan is all about living on the veg.

Vegan Puns: Punny Film Titles

  1. One Flew Over The Cucumber’s Nest.
  2. Beauty and the Beet.
  3. Asparaguess who’s coming t dinner?
  4. Raiders of the Lost Artichoke.
  5. Mission Impastable.
  6. Lord Of The Onion Rings.
  7. War and Peas.
  8. Of Rice and Men.
  9. The Phantom of the Okra.
  10. You’ve Got Kale.
  11. That was to-funny.

Vegan Puns are Great To Bring up the Mood. But what other sayings can Make you feel better?

Time to try our favorite mantras for reducing anxiety!

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