David Alexander Beaudoin

Hailing from the Yukon, Canada, David Alexander Beaudoin is a yoga teacher who did his yoga teacher training in Costa Rica surrounded by sloths and howler monkeys.  

Constantly curious about why the world was the way it was, David got his BA in political science and sociology and an MA in political science, mainly studying political theory and philosophy. Perhaps understandably then, David gravitates towards jnana yoga. He has studied under the tutelage of a swami and Christian missionaries, and loves to spend time buried in scriptures, texts, and listening to old recordings by the likes of Ram Dass, Alan Watts, and others. Since his early thirties he has been mostly immersed in Islamic theology, scholarship, and religious practices. 

A prototypical vata, David has a passion for yin yoga, but his teacher training was in therapeutic yoga. He is always looking for ways to heal himself and help his students find a healing path. 

In his spare time David enjoys bikejoring, hiking, running, playing hockey, making music, and exploring the mountains under the midnight sun. 

David’s Articles: