Kapha Body Type Explored: Frame, Weight, Skin, Metabolism & Behavioural Traits

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Kapha is the cool, moist, and most forgiving dosha of all.

Hence, no wonder that kapha dominant people have the most stable metabolism. With a good diet and lifestyle, they can be the healthiest of all. Besides, the kaphas are peaceful, forgiving, reliable, and loyal people. They thrive in a steady routine and established norms.

Now, let us examine more interesting details of the kapha body type. We will explore:

  • The Kapha-dominant body strucutre
  • Kapha dosha metabolic traits
  • Kapha dosha behavioral traits
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Kapha Body Type Structure

Kaphas are generally heavy, have large body frames, and above average heights.

Kapha Dominant Body Weight

Kapha dominant people have an abundance of water and earth elements in their bodies which contribute to their larger size.

Because of their generally slow rate of metabolism, a kapha person may receive more nutrients than they can burn. So, the kapha body type stores these extra calories as fat deposits. This may become a routine process for a kapha person.

This is the reason the kapha dominant people tend to outweigh other body types, even if everyone gets the same amount of food!

Also, for the same reason, kapha people are more prone to obesity and related disorders.

Kapha Dominant Facial Features

The earth element brings a natural fullness to a kapha face, combined with the moisture from the water element. Thus, a kapha face may have round and full cheeks.

  • A sharp and pointed nose is a characteristic feature of a kapha face.
  • Normally, kapha dominant people have large and beautiful eyes with clear white eyeballs. Besides, thick, dark, and shiny eyelashes complement the kapha face.
  • Kapha’s lips are large, broad, and pinkish. In cold weather, they can turn whitish in case of low circulation. Normally, kapha lips retain moisture and are rarely chapped or dry.
  • The kapha may have beautiful white pearl-like teeth with strong gums.
  • Like all the other body parts, the kapha nails are board, large and pink in normal health conditions.
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Kapha Dominant Skin

Flawless is the best way to define normal, healthy kapha skin.

The skin is the abode of pitta dosha and is the place for a lot of heat-generating metabolic activities. But the cooling effect of a kapha dominant metabolism keeps the kapha skin cool, well-nourished, and supple.

Hence, the kapha people are blessed with skin devoid of skin complications like allergies and acne.

Also, kapha skin is the thickest of all body types, and it is great! Because this thick skin helps to conserve the heat in a cool kapha body type.

As the kapha skin is normally cool, kapha people do not sweat a lot unless it is very hot. Besides, their sweat has no foul smell. So, kaphas can go without deodorant for quite some time!

However, in case of kapha imbalance, the kapha skin may become excessively oily and dull. There can be numbness or tingling sensation.

Kapha Dominant Hair

Kaphas are bestowed with the most beautiful, thick, and strong hair, with great texture.

What’s more, if you are a kapha person with a healthy lifestyle, you may never face hair problems like severe hair loss and split ends.

The excellent circulation and natural oiliness of the kapha scalp is the reason behind the incredible kapha hair. This well-nourished and fertile scalp ensures healthy hair. At the same time, it naturally prevents problems like dryness and dandruff.

However, this excess oil secretion may make your hair greasy if you are a kapha person with excess kapha in the body. So, make sure to remove the excess oil by using herbal shampoo regularly. This may help to unclog the scalp pores and ensure perfect hair health.

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Kapha Dominant Metabolism

Kapha Dominant Digestion

Digestion may be a concern for you if you have a kapha dominant body type and an unhealthy routine. With the natural heaviness of the earth and the cooling effect of water, it may be difficult to keep the digestive fire going.

In the case of an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, heaviness after meals, and indigestion can be chronic problems with a kapha dominant person. She may also suffer from chronic constipation as the kapha intestines tend to move slowly and gently.

In particular, if a kapha person frequently consumes heavy and oily food, this food may land like a wet log of wood on a small bonfire!

Hence, if you are a kapha person, you need to fuel your digestive fire with lots of warm herbs and regular exercise.

Kapha Dominant Respiration

Kapha respiration is an important factor all kapha people should be careful about.

Kapha’s dominant chest region houses the lungs and the respiratory tract. And a kapha body type tends to produce excess mucus. This excess mucus may create congestion or obstructions in the respiratory tract and lead to several breathing disorders.

For the same reason, kapha people may also become prone to frequent coughs and cold bouts if they are not careful.

Therefore, you must protect a kapha body type from very heavy, cold, and kapha vitiating food and unhealthy exposure to a cold climate.

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Kapha Dominant Circulation

The earth element gives stability to the kapha circulation. Thus, kapha people have a steady circulation. But the natural coolness of the kapha metabolism may constrict the blood vessels to conserve heat.

A relatively low level of blood circulation to the skin leads to a whitish tinge. Therefore, a kapha person needs to exercise regularly. Constant exercise helps to enhance the sluggish rate of kapha circulation and turn your kapha cheeks from white to healthy pink!

Kapha Dominant Excretion

Like the normal slow kapha metabolism, the kapha digestive tract also works at a slow rate. Thus, it may lead to constipation, especially if you are eating junk!

To stimulate idle kapha excretion, regular body massage and exercise are imperative.

Kapha Dominant Nervous System

The cool and steady kapha metabolism is the ideal condition for a nerve cell. It is like an air-conditioned room for a heavy-duty computer.

Hence, kapha people are the last ones to suffer from neurological disorders like dementia, nervous inflammation et cetera.

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Kapha Behavioural traits

Kapha people tend to live with set routines, norms, and expectations in life.

Practical and tangible are the keywords for the kaphas. They tend not to get carried away with imagination or competition.

Kaphas work like elephants. As the famous Indian saying goes – “the dogs keep barking, the elephant keeps moving”. Likewise, kapha people may not worry too much about their Instagram profile or the latest fashion trends. They are comfortable with the old norms.

In fact, kapha people cherish the old as gold. They are the ones to uphold ancient norms and conserve the old ways of living.

However, life may become a bit boring for the kaphas sometimes. And they may get into the hole of depression if there is nothing new and exciting around them.

The memory of a Kapha person

Elephant memory is the best term for a kapha memory. A kapha person may take some time to grasp a new concept. But she gets hold of the new thing, she may remember it for a lifetime.

So, a kapha memory is akin to an engraving on a rock!

The sleep of a Kapha person

Kapha people may have the deepest sleep for long hours. They are those who can fall asleep the moment they touch the bed!

This deep sleep is also the reason for excellent kapha skin, and eyes. In fact, this deep sleep helps a kapha person to rejuvenate her entire body.

The kapha dreams are full of cold things like ice-covered mountains, water bodies, the moon et cetera.

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Take Away

Kaphas are the healthiest of all body types provided they take care of their diets. Beautiful skin, eyes, and hair come naturally to a kapha person. However, with a sedentary lifestyle and kapha-vitiating food, she may suffer due to sluggish kapha digestion.

Hence, exercise and manual labor are very important as it helps to stimulate the cold kapha metabolism and prevent over-cooling of the kapha body.

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