The Pitta Body Type: Weight, Height, Build, Skin Type & Much More

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It is the fire element that drives the Pitta biophysical energy. Therefore, a Pitta-dominant constitution reflects a firey personality.

You can imagine “the girl on fire” – Katniss Everdeen of the Hunger Games as a Pitta personality.

According to the somatotype theory, the Pitta personality resembles a mesomorph.

Now, let us dive deep into the physical and physiological details of a Pitta-dominant constitution.

  • The Pitta-dominant body strucutre
  • Pitta dosha metabolic traits
  • Pitta dosha behavioral traits

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a red mandala representing the pitta energy

Pitta Body Type: Bone Structure

Pitta-dominant people normally have a regular rate of growth.

You will find most of the Pitta people with an average height. The Pitta body is normally athletic and muscular.

With great digestion and a high rate of metabolism, ideally, a Pitta-dominant person should attain an above-average height!

But the Pittas are the early movers into the phase of puberty and youth. And the youth is the Pitta dominant phase of life, therefore, the Pitta body drops the growth plan early and takes up adulthood responsibilities.

Pitta Body Type: Body Weight

Pittas have a very high metabolic rate.

This high rate of metabolism gobbles up calories in no time, so there is normally not much fat left to store. However, mixed personality types with Pitta dominance (for example, Pitta Kapha) may gain excess weight.

three women with pitta body type posing for a photo

Pitta Body Type: Face

Pitta people normally have a full face with an angular chin. A triangular face is also common among Pitta people. They are the “moderates,” so a Pitta face is neither chubby nor skinny.

  • A round button nose is typical of a Pitta-dominant body type.
  • Pitta-dominant lips are medium in size and may be naturally dark pink or red. The Pitta people normally may not face dry or chapped lips. Their lips stay moist most of the time, supplied by a fast rate of blood circulation.
  • However, Pitta people are the most prone to allergic itching and inflammation around their lips.
  • All other body parts of the Pittas are average in size and shape.
  • Pittas have average teeth; however, they must ensure good oral hygiene as yellow teeth, and cavities can easily seep into their mouth.
  • Pitta’s nails are average with a dark pink color.

Pitta Body Type: Eyes

The eyes deserve a special mention in the case of the Pittas. Their eyes are average in size.

However, eyes are the abode of Pitta dosha. So, a Pitta eye may have a reddish tinge. Also, they may be extra sensitive to light.

Pitta runs eyes in a Pitta body can get overheated very fast. That is why, Pitta- dominant people are quite prone to burning sensation, redness, and pain in the eyes.

a brown eye up close

Pitta Body Type: Skin

Pitta skin reflects a fiery metabolism with its copperish-red color. Whether fair or dark, the Pitta skin always carries the reddish shine of the fire.

A hot metabolism inside boosts the rate of secretions in the Pitta skin glands. Allergies are also more common in highly sensitive Pitta skin compared to other body types.

A foul smell is one positive sign of a Pitta-dominant body. Pitta normally produces some odor in all their body secretions. But, in case of Pitta imbalance, this body odor can become nasty!

The Pittas also have a natural warmth in their skin. Their skin radiates the intense fire inside.

Pitta Body Type: Hair

A redhead is a clear sign of Pitta fire. Pitta people can have different hair colors according to their genes, but their hair always carries a reddish tinge.

Normally, the Pittas are blessed with dense hair with a well-nourished and fertile scalp. But they may face the burning effect of Pitta in the form of early hair-whitening.

a red haired woman with glasses

Pitta Body Type: Digestion

Pitta is the place of fire. No wonder Pitta people are blessed with the most powerful digestive system. Their digestion is like a wildfire that grows with everything it consumes.

Besides, their digestive tract is always moist, with extra strong digestive juices. Because of this, Pittas suffer if they experience hunger. They may get headaches if they skip a meal.

Pittas do not normally suffer from common digestive problems like indigestion unless they indulge in an extremely unhealthy diet and lifestyle for a long time.

However, this powerful digestive capacity comes at an expense. A Pitta person should normally never stay hungry, otherwise, these harsh digestive juices can burn the stomach lining and lead to inflammatory disorders such as peptic ulcers, and intestinal inflammation.

That’s why a Pitta person needs to quench his digestion with lots of cooling fluids. For this reason, Ayurveda prescribes milk as the best remedy for Pitta digestion.

fire against a black backdrop

Pitta Body Type: Respiration

Pitta respiration is normal and Pittas do not suffer from severe respiratory problems with a healthy diet and lifestyle. In fact, respiration is a great way to lose excess body heat for the Pitta body. They exhale the heated air and inhale coolness.

The strong Pitta metabolism can easily dissolve the mucus. Hence, Pittas are normally free from congestive disorders such as breathing problems.

However, they are highly prone to allergies.

If you are a Pitta person, you can easily steer away from all allergies with the use of Ayurvedic herbs.

Pitta Body Type: Circulation

The circulation is the strongest in the Pittas. The powerful metabolic fire keeps the blood vessels dilated and the body tissue well-supplied with nutrients. This strong circulation is the reason behind the warm and reddish skin.

According to the Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis, a Pitta pulse has a lot of force!

This circulation also helps to cool the body by releasing excess sweat.

Hence, Pittas tend not to suffer from cold extremities in general. They also tend not to suffer from cardiac disorders unless practicing an unhealthy lifestyle.

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Pitta Body Type: Excretion

Pitta excretion is also moderate. Thanks to their warm and moist digestive tract, it is easy for Pitta dominant people to steer clear of common digestive problems like constipation and bloating.

Pitta Body Type: Nervous System

The nervous system works best under cool conditions. And Pitta nerves may get overheated and inflamed. Hence, Pitta people needs to carefully avoid eating heating foods.

According to Ayurveda, ghee has an excellent effect on the Pitta nervous system.

Pitta Behavioural traits

Intelligent! They are normal people with great assessment and planning skills. Pittas love accuracy and details.

Besides, they are also hard-working and love their “type” of people. In fact, workaholism can be a common problem among Pitta-dominant people.

Pittas are normally very sensitive, caring, and charming people. They may be fearless inspiring leaders, like Boudica, the Celtic warrior queen!

However, Pitta people can be quite possessive and overly protective about the ones they care about.

However, Pittas may be prone to terrible fits of rage.

So, if you are a Pitta-dominant person, you have good reason to stick to a regular meditation regimen. It may help you to keep your mind cool.

a man working on a laptop

The memory of a Pitta-dominant person

Pitta people normally have excellent grasping power and normal memory. They can be particularly good with numbers.

The sleep patterns of a Pitta-dominant person

Sleep is a Pitta person’s best friend as it is the time when the hot Pitta body and mind can cool down and relax. Pitta people tend to have a moderate quality of sleep. The dreams of a Pitta person may be full of fiery figures like the sun or volcanoes.

If you are a Pitta person, you may face internal inflammation in case of less sleep. So, ensure at least eight hours of sleep.

Take Away

Pitta people tend to have an an athletic body, powerful digestion, and amazing organizing skills. They are normally hard-working, caring, and sensitive people.

However, they may have an extra-sensitive body with allergy-prone skin. Besides, their temper is something they should look out for.

If you are a Pitta person, you have all the qualities for a grand life. Only take care to balance the Pitta with cooling herbs and spices, swim as a hobby, and meditate for peace!

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