Who Is Bharata?

भरत Bharata (character in the Mahabharata) Bharata Definition Bharata is a prominent character in the ancient Hindu epic, the Mahabharata. Dated around the 3rd century CE, the Mahabharata embodies numerous characters, each representing distinct qualities and moral dilemmas. Bharata depicts the embodiment of righteousness and selflessness. Bharata Deep Dive Bharata’s lineage can be traced back … Read more

What is Bhumi?

भुमि Bhūmi (‘earth’, also a Hindu goddess – the personification of the earth) Bhumi Definition In the context of yoga, “Bhumi” refers to the concept of grounding or connecting with the earth element. It represents the quality of stability, rootedness, and a sense of being firmly anchored to the ground. In Hindu mythology, Goddess Bhumi … Read more

What Is Bodhi?

बोधि Bodhi (enlightenment) Bodhi Definition Bodhi is used in several Eastern religions and philosophies to mean perfect wisdom or enlightenment. Achieving Bodhi puts an end to the constant cycle of death and rebirth, leading the practitioner to Nirvana. It is the essence of the bodhisattva and some traditions speak of it as the union of … Read more

Who Is Brahma?

ब्रह्मा Brahma (the creator) Brahma Definition Brahma is known as the creator deity and holds a significant position in Hindu traditions. Depicted with four heads and four arms, Brahma represents the divine force responsible for the creation and sustenance of the universe. Brahma Deep Dive Brahma’s origin story varies across different Hindu scriptures, but the … Read more

What Is Bindu?

बिंदु bindu (point, drop, or dot) Bindu Definition Bindu translates to “point”, “drop” or “dot.” In yoga, however, the concept of bindu goes beyond its literal interpretation, symbolizing the absolute, the infinite, and the unmanifest potential that lies within each individual. Bindu signifies the cosmic seed from which the universe arises, representing the unity of … Read more