What Is Antahkarana?

अन्तःकरण Antaḥ (internal) + karaṇa (cause) Antahkarana Definition Antahkarana refers to the totality of the mind; a four-tiered instrument of awareness. Antahkarana deep dive The Antahkarana is our source of consciousness. In Vedantic thought, it is defined as simply our ‘understanding’. It serves as a bridge, or source of communication, between the higher and the lower … Read more

Who Is Bagalamukhi?

बगलामुखी The crane-headed Bagalamukhi Definition The eighth personification of the Mahavidya, a group of ten tantric goddesses, Bagalamukhi is the one who ‘paralyzes enemies’. She is also known as Bagalā as well as Pitambari in North India. Bagalamukhi deep dive Mythology Representing the divine feminine, or Shakti’s, hypnotic power, the Goddess is said to be … Read more

What Is The Maha Mantra?

महामंत्र: Mahamantra (great mantra) Maha Mantra Definition Also known as the Hare Krishna Mantra, the Maha Mantra is regarded as the ‘great’ mantra mentioned in the Kali-Santarana Upanishad. It goes as follows: Hare Krishna, Hare KrishnaKrishna Krishna, Hare HareHare Rama, Hare RamaRama Rama, Hare Hare Maha mantra deep dive A hugely significant mantra, its chanting … Read more

What Is Indriya?

इन्द्रिय Faculty Indriya Definition Indriya, literally meaning ‘belonging to Indra’, is referring to the sensory faculties – the ways in which we perceive the world around us. Indriya Deep Dive The ten senses or Das Indriya are the access points between our inner and outer experiences, they are at the core of Sadhana (spiritual practice). This is because the … Read more

What Is Guru Shishya?

गुरु शिष्य Guru + Disciple Guru Shishya Definition The Guru-Shishya tradition, or parampara, is the teacher-disciple lineage. This is a custom throughout many religions and cultures, from Hinduism and Jainism to Sikhism and Buddhism. Guru Shishya deep dive The Sanskrit phrase is often seen in full as Guru-Shishya parampara, the first part of its translation … Read more