Who Is Narada?

नारद Nārada (a Hindu sage, often described as a musician or storyteller) Narada Definition Narada is a revered sage in Hindu mythology and philosophy. He is known as a celestial sage, a divine musician, and a messenger of spiritual wisdom. Narada is a prominent figure in the development and popularization of Bhakti Yoga, the path … Read more

What Is Marga?

मार्ग mārga (path, way) Marga Definition In various religious, philosophical, and spiritual contexts, marga refers to a route or method that leads to a particular goal, realization, or spiritual attainment. Marga often involves a set of principles, practices, and disciplines that guide individuals towards a specific objective, such as spiritual enlightenment or liberation. The exact … Read more

What Is The Mahabharata?

Mahabharata – महाभारतम् Mahabharata Definition The Mahabharata is an epic poem comprised of eighteen parvas and is the largest literary work in history. Along with the Ramayana, it is considered an important source in Hinduism and is a text about Dharma. Around 2000 years old and attributed to Vyasa it outlines the events surrounding the Kurukshetra … Read more

What Is Manas?

मनस् manas (the thinking mind) Manas Definition In yoga and Indian philosophy, manas refers to the aspect of the mind that is responsible for thought processes and sensory perceptions. Manas is one of the four components of the inner instrument (antahkarana) in the human psyche, alongside chitta (the mind-stuff or field of consciousness), buddhi (the … Read more

What Is Chitta?

चित्त citta (the mind; thought and emotion) Chitta Definiton In yoga philosophy, ‘chitta’ or ‘citta’ refers to consciousness or the mind. It is one of the four components of the antahkarana, which is the inner instrument or the inner aspect of the mind. The other three components are manas (the thinking mind), buddhi (the intellect … Read more