What Is Dharma?

धर्मा Dhr- (to hold, support) Dharma Definition Dharma is a concept prominent in Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism, and other “dharmic” religions. Derived from the Sanskrit root dhr, meaning to hold, bear, support, or sustain, dharma is often understood to mean the eternal or natural cosmic law, or the way of things that upholds righteousness. Dharma … Read more

What is Dakshina?

Dakshina Definition The Sanskrit terminology for the word Dakshina refers to a gift or an offering that is most often given to a guru or priest. This tradition has been a part of Hindu culture for many years. All living things must give Dakshina as it is part of the universal cycle of giving and receiving. … Read more

What are Dakinis?

डाकिनी Dakini Definition Dakini is a type of female being in the Tantric Hindu and Buddhist traditions. The precise etymology of the word “Dakini” is unknown, but the Tibetan word for Dakini, “Khandroma,” or “Khandro,” means “sky dweller,” “sky dancer,” or “sky goer.” Dakini Deep Dive Dakini take on many forms depending on the spiritual … Read more

Who Are The Daityas?

दैत्य Daitya (titan, giant, monster, extraordinary) Daitya Definition Daityas are a clan of beings, or Asura, that exist within Hindu mythology, often referred to as demons or negative spirits. The Daityas are described as lower-level giants known for their fight against the Devas, who are the benevolent counterparts to these beings. The Devas and Daityas … Read more