What is Ekadasi?

एकादशी Alternate Names: Ekadashi, Ekādaśī, Ekādaśi Definition Ekadasi is a Sanskrit word in the Hindu culture that refers to the number eleven. Ekadasi is also important since it depicts a spiritual day or Hindu holiday that occurs twice each lunar month. The holiday is observed by followers practicing fasting or partial fasting. Ekadasi Deep Dive … Read more

What is Ego Death?

Ego Death Definition Ego death, sometimes called ego dissolution or ego loss, is a relatively modern term sometimes used synonymously to describe enlightenment, transcendence, bodhi, moksha, samadhi, fana, etc. Often considered the goal of spiritual practice, it is frequently equated with the concept of dying before one dies. In yogic philosophy it may be summarized … Read more

What Is Ekagrata?

एकाग्रता Ekagrata (one-pointedness) Ekagrata Definition Translated from the Hindu language Sanskrit, Ekagrata means the intentional pursuit of one object or a close and undisturbed focus. The ability to turn off all the little distractions that infiltrate your mind in order to reach a state of focussed attention. The mind easily wanders or is distracted, and … Read more