Hakini Mudra

Hakini Mudra  Hakini (a Hindu Goddess, power) + mudra (gesture) Ayurvedic Element – All Elements Fundamentals Hakini Mudra is one of the most important hand gestures created as a way to channel and control prana, vital energy, and balance the five elements in the body.  The name translates in Sanskrit to “power” or “rule”. It … Read more

Apana Mudra

Apana Mudra  Apana (reffering to Apana Vayu) + mudra (gesture) Ayurvedic Element – Earth, Ether, and Fire Fundamentals Apana mudra is one of the hasta mudras developed to direct the energy in the body and balance the elements. This gesture in particular is connected with the Apana Vayu channel, which is responsible for the downward … Read more