Jnana Mudra

Jnana Mudra Jnana (a Hindu Goddess, power) + mudra (gesture) Ayurvedic Elements – Ether, Air, Fire Fundamentals Hand mudras are gestures that are used to deepen your meditation and redirect the energy in the body. Each of our fingers is connected to a certain element and energy channel, and we can use them to receive … Read more

Vishnu Mudra

Vishnu Mudra Vishnu (a Hindu God) + mudra (gesture) Ayurvedic Element – All Elements Fundamentals Vishnu mudra is one of the hasta or sacred hand gestures, created as a way to work with prana or essential life energy. This particular mudra is also known as the “gesture of universal balance” and is dedicated to Lord … Read more

Buddhi Mudra

Buddhi Mudra Buddhi (Sanskrit word for intellect or perception) + mudra (gesture).  Ayurvedic Element – Water, Fire Fundamentals With this mudra (hand position), the yogi can experience a beautiful coming together of two elements: water and fire. Both unite to allow us to experience a deeper sense of intuition. Buddhi Mudra is also known as Jal … Read more

Adi Mudra

Adi Mudra  Adi (first,primal) + mudra (gesture) Ayurvedic Element – All Elements Fundamentals Adi mudra is a hasta or hand gesture, which aids the practitioner to calm their thoughts and to prepare them for pranayama practice. Adi translates to first or primal in Sanskrit. This name relates to the first hand position a baby can … Read more

Chinmaya Mudra

Chinmaya Mudra Chinmaya (awareness) + mudra (gesture) Ayurvedic Element – Fire and Air Fundamentals Chinmaya mudra is an hasta mudra that is mainly used to help one reach a deeper state of meditation. The name itself would be literally translated as a gesture of awareness, as the mudra helps the practitioner become more aware of … Read more