Sun Salutations Made Simple – Benefits, History and How-to

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you. – Maori Proverb Worship of the Sun has been central to civilizations since the very first communities formed all those millennia ago, and it remains a central tenet to Indian spirituality – the birthplace of yoga philosophy and practice. So it’s not surprising … Read more

How To Build A Daily Yoga Routine

If you’re struggling to stick to your practice, you’re not alone.  Motivation comes and goes. As even the most experienced yogi has found, there are periods where you’ll wake up itching to get your flow on, day after day. But there are also periods where, due to a busy schedule, a preoccupied mind, pressing obligations … Read more

9 Best Yoga Videos For Beginners

So you’re looking to start your yoga journey!  Awesome. Yoga is an ancient practice that involves bringing together the mind and the body by use of the breath and has an incredible number of physical, mental and emotional health benefits. However, knowing where to start can be somewhat overwhelming. From back-bending Instagram yogis to hot … Read more