9 Best Yoga Videos For Beginners

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So you’re looking to start your yoga journey! 


Yoga is an ancient practice that involves bringing together the mind and the body by use of the breath and has an incredible number of physical, mental and emotional health benefits.

However, knowing where to start can be somewhat overwhelming. From back-bending Instagram yogis to hot yoga mayhem to peers who can throw their legs behind their heads without breaking a sweat, entering the world of yoga can seem pretty intimidating.

However, this is far from the truth. Yoga is fun, inclusive and suitable for all ages, bodies and abilities. 

Having some of the very best yoga videos for beginners at hand to guide and inspire you can improve your motivation, improve your technique and encourage you to establish a yoga routine that you’ll stick to. 

Moreover, finding tutorials suited to your body’s unique capabilities will help you avoid injury from overstretching. 

In this article, we’ll be exploring: 

  • The benefits of online yoga tutorials 
  • 9 best yoga videos for beginners

Ready to get started?

Let’s Flow

9 Best Yoga Videos For Beginners

The benefits of online yoga tutorials 

Getting your flow on is now even easier thanks to free online streaming platforms such as YouTube. 

The yoga community is booming and there is no end to yoga gurus ready to guide you from the comfort of your own home, day and night. In fact, check out our article on the best yoga channels to follow to make sure you’ve got your finger on the pulse! 

Online yoga classes are great for the following reasons:

  • You have total control over when you practice 
  • You can practice at your own pace
  • You can practice within the comfort of your own home
  • You have access to a huge variety of instantly available classes 
  • Online classes are either free or substantially cheaper than in-person classes
9 Best Yoga Videos For Beginners 4

However, this is not to negate the importance of yoga studios. Bear in mind that practicing under the watchful eye of a yoga instructor can be super beneficial for your form and technique, especially if you suffer from recurrent injuries or health conditions

6 Tips for yoga beginners

Before we dive into our list of the best yoga videos for beginners, let’s establish some ground rules for newbies.

1. Don’t go in with any expectations 

Forget what you’ve seen online. This is about you, and you only. Comparing yourself to others (including your yoga teacher) not only puts you at greater risk of injury by pushing yourself too hard, but it also goes against the core beliefs of yoga. Check out our articles on the philosophy of yoga for more information!

2. Be mindful of your breathing

One of the main things that separates yoga from gymnastics is the careful breathwork involved. Whether you’re forcefully exhaling out of the mouth in a power Vinyasa yoga class or slowly filling the belly with oxygen during Savasana, consciously taking notice of your breath is key and is even linked to better sleep, reduced stress and living in the moment.

9 Best Yoga Videos For Beginners 2

3. Create a peaceful environment

Try to establish a yoga environment that you feel comfortable in. Your space should be warm, quiet and tidy in order for you to properly experience the holistic benefits of yoga. However, if this isn’t possible, even something as small as lighting a candle can help temporarily transform your living room floor into a serene oasis. 

4. If it hurts, stop

This might seem obvious, but you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to forget in the moment. When in a physical yoga class, it’s common to inform your yoga teacher of any injuries or health problems before you begin.

The teacher will then suggest alternatives to poses that might cause additional strain on the body. Since this kind of guidance is only available on a face-to-face basis, it’s important to be wary of any pain when practicing by yourself. Take it slow and if in doubt, you can always rest in child’s pose until the next pose. 

9 Best Yoga Videos For Beginners 3

5. Use a non-slip yoga mat

Using a yoga mat provides padding for your knees, wrists and elbows and prevents you from slipping over during some of the more challenging poses. It’s also important to clean your mat every now and again to prevent the buildup of sweat, dust, germs and more.

6. Eat mindfully

Whilst certain poses can aid digestion, practicing yoga on a full stomach tends to lead to cramps and discomfort, especially during poses that put pressure on your belly. Try to avoid eating large meals 2-3 hours before your class. This is by no means to discourage you from some light snacks to tide you over, however!

The 10 best yoga videos for beginners

Video No.1 

Yoga for Complete Beginners | Yoga With Adriene


YouTube sensation Adriene Mishler is a Texan based yogi with infectious positive energy. This 20 minute yoga tutorial is designed for complete yoga beginners and is accessible to all types of bodies. The flow is slow, gentle and easy to follow. It’s also without music, which some believe helps facilitate a more mindful practice. 

Rating: 621k likes

Views: 42,863,702 

Time: 23 minutes

Video No.2 

Yoga for Beginners | Breathe and Flow Yoga 


Breathe and Flow is owned by a yoga instructor couple named Bre and Flo who run retreats all over the world. Led by Bre, this gentle yoga practice is ideal for sport players looking to actively recover on a rest day, or those with sedentary jobs such as office work or driving.

Rating: 17k likes

Views: 946,596 

Time: 22 minutes

Video No.3

Full Body Gentle Flow | Boho Beautiful Yoga


Boho Beautiful (aka Juliana Spicoluk) is a yogi / workout guru based in Costa Rica, known for her elegance, flexibility and jaw-dropping natural backdrops! This dynamic yoga class is designed to stretch and relax your body at either the beginning or the end of your day

Rating: 66k likes

Views: 10,604,157 

Time: 20 minutes

Video No.4

Morning Yoga For Beginners | Sadhguru


Sadhguru is an Indian yoga guru and advocate of spirituality who gives us a more traditional perspective of yoga.

This short Upa yoga practice focuses on stretching out the arms, activating the energy nodules in your joints, and ultimately bringing ease to the whole system – perfect for anyone struggling with stiff joints or mobility.

And at only 5 minutes long, it can be easily incorporated into your morning routine.

Rating: 5k likes

Views: 749,214

Time: 14 minutes

Video No.5

Yoga Stretches for Back Pain Relief | Psyche Truth


Lots of people look to get into yoga for pain relief. This class is led by Jen Hilman and is designed to alleviate back pain, neck pain and sciatica. This yin-inspired practice is beginner friendly, involving short pose holds rather than the long holds often associated with yin yoga (sometimes up to 7 minutes!). 

Rating: 66k likes

Views: 5,039,186

Time: 40 minutes

Video No.6

Yoga for Beginners | Yoga With Adriene 


So good she’s mentioned twice! This beginners yoga flow focuses on ‘foundation and flexibility’, with plenty of poses for balance and gentle spine twists. At 40 minutes long, this video is perfect for those looking to challenge themselves a little more. 

Rating: 67k likes

Views: 6,415,767

Time: 40 minutes 

Video No.7

30 min Beginner Yoga | Yoga with Kassandra


Kassandra is a yogi based in Ottawa who specialises in Yin and Vinyasa yoga. This full body yoga flow for beginners focuses on building foundational strength, balance and flexibility.

Rating: 43k likes

Views: 2,629,219

Time: 30 minutes

Video No.8 

20 Min Easy AM Yoga | Yoga by Biola


If you’re looking to break the habit of immediately reaching for your phone after waking up, then this class is for you. Abiola is a Nigerian-American yogi who specialises in inclusive, non-performative yoga.

She gently guides you through a series of gentle hip and hamstring stretches designed to wake up the lower back and legs and start your day with intention. And the best thing about it? You can literally do it in bed!

Rating: 572 likes

Views: 7,578

Time: 19 minutes

Video No.9

15 Minute Beginners Yoga | Shona Vertue


Shona is a yogi based in Sydney with an elite gymnastics background. But don’t let this put you off! In this short, upbeat tutorial, Shona walks viewers through 6 basic poses and explains the importance of each as she goes along. She also covers the importance of yogic breathing and shares some great beginner tips.

Rating: 1k likes

Views: 54,814

Time: 17 minutes

Final Thoughts 

We hope you enjoyed this list of best yoga videos for beginners, all freely available on YouTube. 

As you can see, there’s a huge variety of online yoga videos out there. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to yoga, so take the time to find out what works for you.

If you want to further explore the world of online yogis, check out our article on the 9 Best Yoga YouTube Channels to follow.

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