Lola Pickford

Lola is a digital content creator based in London. But first and foremost, she is a budding yogi, nature lover, mental health advocate, adventurer, friend, big sister and people person.

As a former artistic gymnast, Lola’s first encounter with yoga came from a place of wanting to push the limits of her flexibility and fitness.

Now, however, Lola has come to love the balance that yoga brings to her life. In times of joy, she finds her practice an invaluable opportunity to slow down and move with intention and gratitude. In times of stress, her practice allows her to ground herself, reconnect with her body and look at the world through a fresh pair of eyes.

Lola has a keen interest in all things environment and hopes to start studying for her Masters Diploma in Environmental Sustainability later this year, during which time her yoga will certainly come in handy as a tool to stay present and not sweat the small stuff. 

Lola’s articles: