What is Lion’s Breath?

सिंहासन Siṁhāsana (Lion Pose/ Lion’s breath) Lion’s Breath Definition Simhasana translates to Lion Pose, which is also commonly referred to as Lion’s Breath. This well-known posture embodies the fierce and majestic qualities of a lion, both in its physical form and its associated pranayama practice, the Lion’s Breath. The Lion’s Breath is renowned for its … Read more

What Is Prana?

प्राण prāṇa (life force) Prana Definition Prana refers to the vital life force energy that permeates all living beings and the entire universe. It is a Sanskrit term used in various spiritual and philosophical traditions, including yoga and ayurveda. Prana is considered the subtle energy that animates and sustains life on multiple levels, from the … Read more

What Are The Nadis?

नाड़ी Nadis (river/ channel/ flow) The Nadis – Definition The nadis are intricate energy pathways that carry prana (vital life force) throughout the body. Derived from the Sanskrit word “nāḍī,” meaning “flow,” nadis are considered to be conduits that facilitate the flow of energy and consciousness. It is believed there are thousands of nadis which … Read more

What is Ida Nadi?

इडानाड़ी Ida Nadi (comfort river) Ida Nadi Definition इडा – Ida: translates to “comfort”, represents the left of the body, the lunar, the feminine नाड़ी – Nāḍī: translates to “river’, energy channels within the body Ida Nāḍī = the energy channel on the left of the spine In yoga, the Ida Nadi is one of … Read more

What Is Vipassana?

विपस्सना Vipassanā (insight) Vipassana Definition Vipassana is a type of meditation which is different to other styles because it does not have a point of focus except for the turning of the mind. Passana can be translated as perceiving. When put together with Vi the meaning roughly translates to “in a special way”. Vipassana is often … Read more