What Is A Chakra Meditation?

चक्र chakra (wheel/circle) Chakra Meditation Definition A chakra balancing meditation is an ancient spiritual practice focusing on one or more of the subtle body areas – the chakras. The chakras are energetic discs located within various parts of the body – you can think of them as “energy hotspots.”  Keeping them balanced through chakra-balancing meditations … Read more

What Is Anahata Chakra?

अनाहत चक्र Anahata (unhurt/unstruck) + Chakra (wheel) Anahata Chakra Definition The Anahata Chakra is our fourth primary chakra, physically located in the heart space. Anahata, meaning unstruck, is named after the unstruck, unlimited, infinite sound of the universe (anahata nadam) that can be heard when you achieve Samadhi.   This unstruck sound is Om (or … Read more