What is Agni?

अग्नि Agni (fire) Agni Definition Agni is an important God in Vedic-Hinduism, known as the deity of fire. The Rig-Veda’s opening hymn refers to the Agni deity as “worthy of praise by past and present seers” (1.2) Agni Deep Dive You will find the word Agni predominantly within Vedic texts in reference to the God/deity … Read more

What Is The Anandamaya Kosha?

आनन्दमयकोश Body of bliss Anandamaya Kosha Definition Anandamaya Kosha is the final of the five koshas, it translates to the ‘body/sheath made of bliss’. In the Upanishads, it is also known as the causal body. Anandamaya Kosha deep dive Firstly, what are the koshas? The koshas are the five layers, or sheaths, that make up … Read more

What Is Antahkarana?

अन्तःकरण Antaḥ (internal) + karaṇa (cause) Antahkarana Definition Antahkarana refers to the totality of the mind; a four-tiered instrument of awareness. Antahkarana deep dive The Antahkarana is our source of consciousness. In Vedantic thought, it is defined as simply our ‘understanding’. It serves as a bridge, or source of communication, between the higher and the lower … Read more

What Is Ananda?

आनन्द Bliss Ananda Definition Ananda is a term that is used across Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. In yogic theory, ananda is used to mean pure joy or bliss. Ananda Deep Dive Ananda is divine joy, one of the highest states of being. You may have heard it as part of the phrase ‘satcitananda‘, referring to … Read more

What Are The Agamas?

आगम That which has come down Agama Definition The Agamas are a collection of scriptures that are closely linked to specific sects in the Hindu religion such as Tantra; their translation of ‘that which has come down’ is referring to knowledge that has been passed down from the divine into humanity’s consciousness. agama deep dive … Read more