What Are The Gunas?

गुण Gunas Definition In Hindu and yogic philosophy, the gunas refer to the 3 qualities of matter inherent in everyone and everything. They are sattva, rajas, and tamas, and every being has all three to some degree. The literal translation of the word is “rope,” or “thread,” as in the threads woven together to make … Read more

What is Ganesha Mudra?

गणेश मुद्रा Ganesha (Lord of the People) + Mudra (seal) Ganesha Mudra Definition Ganesha Mudra is a Sanskrit term referring to a hasta gesture (a gesture performed with hands and fingers). It is named after the elephant-headed Hindu deity Ganesha. Like all mudras, its purpose is to guide energy flows to certain parts of the … Read more

What Is The Gross Body?

स्थूल शरीर Sthula (gross) + Sarira (body) Gross Body Definition In Sanskrit, the term “gross body” is rendered Sthula sarira. Sthula means “gross,” “dense,” “thick,” “bulky,” or “stout.” Sarira means “body.” The gross body is also sometimes referred to as the physical body. In yogic philosophy, human beings are composed of three bodies, consisting of … Read more

What Are Gandharvas?

गन्धर्व Gandharvas definition Gandharvas are a type of male celestial being or spirit in the Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain pantheons. There remains some dispute about the origin of their name. Gandh may mean “scent,” or “fragrance.” Arva may derive from an-arva, and refer to something irresistible, or unrestrained. Other sources claim Gandharva means literally, “one … Read more

What Is Gandharva Veda?

Gandharva Veda Definition The word Veda in Sanskrit comes from the root word ‘vid,’ which means to know or the knowledge of all things in the world surrounding us. The word Gandharva in Sanskrit can be translated to a skilled singer or master of music. The Gandharva Veda is the Upaveda of the Samaveda, the Veda of … Read more