The 5 Best Yoga Blankets: Our Favorite Pieces 2023

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As the popularity of yoga continues to grow and more and more people look to build a regular yoga routine, the role of props and equipment is also gaining more recognition.

Yoga blocks and bolsters can help facilitate poses, release tension, and bring you closer to the ground.

But there’s one type of prop that’s perhaps even more versatile: the yoga blanket.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the key benefits and uses of the yoga blanket and guiding you through some of the best ones on the market.

We’ll be looking at these main points:

  • What Is A Yoga Blanket?
  • The Key Uses Of Yoga Blankets
  • The 5 Best Yoga Blankets
  • Building A Comfortable Practice

Okay, let’s get straight into it.

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What Is A Yoga Blanket?

Put simply, a yoga blanket is a form of soft support that provides extra cushioning for your bones and joints.

This is particularly useful in certain types of poses that put a real strain on these areas.

Yoga blankets can also help yogis stay warm when they’re practicing for prolonged periods or in outdoor spaces.

Whatever your level of practice, your experience could potentially be boosted by bringing a yoga blanket into the mix. Alongside the basic benefits (which we’ll explore in more detail shortly), they also simply add a cosy, relaxed feel to any session.

Generally speaking, a yoga blanket is a single-layered piece of fabric that’s not super thick, but slightly thicker than your typical blanket. They can be folded or rolled for added support during yoga asanas.

This might sound like a new phenomenon, but yoga blankets have been around for thousands of years. So what exactly are they used for?

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The Key Uses Of Yoga Blankets

Like most yoga props, the blanket is a versatile addition to your practice. The whole point is that it can be used in a variety of different situations and adapted depending on what each individual yogi is looking for.

Whether you find yourself getting cold easily during sessions, you struggle with knee pain or lower back pain, or you just want a little bit extra support, a yoga blanket could help you out.

Here are the primary uses and benefits of the yoga blanket:

  • Adds comfort when you sink into restorative postures
  • Provides warmth during yoga sessions – this is particularly useful as you slip into Savasana or other relaxed poses
  • Helps cushion your joints and bones during certain poses, such as shoulder stands
  • Can be used to replace other common props such as the yoga block
  • Assists with flexibility and range of motion
  • Gives added height to seated poses, supporting the back

If you think you could benefit from accessing any of these perks, you may want to look into bringing yoga blankets into your session.

Stay with us, and we’ll guide you through how to find the best yoga blanket for your individual needs.

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The 5 Best Yoga Blankets

A number of quality yoga blankets exist to bring these benefits to any yogi who’s interested in them.

Let’s explore some of the best yoga blankets available in 2022.

#1. Lotuscrafts Savasana Yoga Blanket

 Lotuscrafts Savasana Yoga Blanket

– Eco-Friendly And Skin-Friendly

– Available In Various Colors And Designs

Whether you want a rug to lay on, a cushion for your knees, or a soft overlay at the end of a long yoga session, this Lotuscrafts blanket can provide solutions.

An eco-friendly, skin-friendly option, it’s made of 100% organic cotton and non-toxic dyes. This means it’s perfect for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin.

These mats are also manufactured under fair working conditions, so they’re up there with the best ethical options on the market.

However, one thing that’s worth mentioning is that this blanket is thinner than many of the other products we’ll be looking at, meaning that it provides slightly less cushioning and support than some people might want.

#2. Benevolence LA Authentic Mexican Blanket

Benevolence LA Authentic Mexican Blanket

– Cosy and Practical

– Vibrant Colors

The Benevolence LA Authentic Mexican Blanket is billed as a premium, handmade product that offers support and comfort for a reasonable price.

Cosy and practical, the special touch with this choice is that each Aztec blanket is unique, woven by local artisans in Tlaxcala, Mexica on a traditional wooden loom.

So, if it’s authenticity you’re looking for, look no further.

The colorful, vibrant designs of Benevolence’s Authentic range means you’re never sacrificing style with these blankets.

And thankfully, they’re not too bad for the planet, either, having been made of recycled eco-friendly material. That being said, acrylic is still a synthetic (non-biodegradable) material, so there are more eco-friendly options.

Super soft, breathable, and easy to carry, this is a versatile option for yogis that are looking to add a splash of color and comfort to their sessions.

#3. DEMMEX Organic Cotton Turkish Blanket

DEMMEX Organic Cotton Turkish Blanket

– 100% Organic Cotton

– Dense Weave For Extra Support

A lot of yogis are concerned about being environmentally friendly, and rightly so. If that’s at the top of your list of priorities, you’ll want to seek out some organic cotton.

DEMMEX is hitting that brief with this yoga mat. It’s completely organic and toxin-free, which means you don’t have to worry about nasty synthetic dyes or toxins when you’re lying on your mat practicing your postures.

Its dense weave provides extra support, while also being quick-drying and absorbing. It’s worth noting that the mat’s natural fibers might lead to piling or shedding, but unfortunately, that can be a possibility in these kinds of organic products.

Made with certified organic Turkish cotton and organic plant dyes, this blanket doubles as a towel or shawl, and is comfortable and soft, perfect for a variety of different yogic scenarios.

At 71×36 Inches and 14 Oz, it’s reasonably compact while also offering more than enough space if you want to roll it out.

#4. RAVI 8.5lb Weighted Blanket

RAVI 8.5lb Weighted  Blanket

– Compact and Portable

– Slightly More Expensive

Offering 8.5lbs of comfort, the RAVI Weighted Blanket makes for a more cushioned, comfy yoga practice in a range of settings.

Created by yoga teacher Lori Skerjanz, RAVI is a trusted manufacturer in the yoga game. Their weighted blanket hugs the body in restorative poses, anchoring practitioners and helping you achieve various poses.

If meditation is your bag, the RAVI blanket is also designed to boost awareness during meditative practice. Weighted blankets are also great for anyone who suffers from anxiety, due primarily to their grounding ability.

At 22 x 23 inches, it’s a little smaller than most yoga blankets, but that does mean that it’s the perfect size and weight for travel and everyday use.

This one’s a little bit more pricey, but it’s highly practical and available in a range of different designs.

#5. Manduka Yoga Wool Blanket

Manduka Yoga Wool Blanket

– Extra Soft Material

– Use Indoors or Outdoors

Over the years, Manduka has built up a name for itself as one of the most reliable yoga manufacturers around.

Their woolen yoga blanket is a versatile product that can be used inside and outside.

It’s machine-washable, and the material is made of extra-soft recycled wool, which means it’s perfect for people who are concerned about being eco-friendly. One downside to this material is that some people can find it a little itchy, however.

You can fold, roll and stack into any way that supports your pose, but the uses of this blanket extend way beyond the yoga mat. Its simple design makes it the perfect home accessory for your living room or bedroom, too.

Another perk is that at 82 x 60 inches, it’s big enough to cover two people comfortably, so it’s great for group yoga sessions.

Building A Comfortable Practice

Picking out the best yoga blanket for you will help you take your yoga practice to the next level.

By offering extra cushioning for your joints and bones, reducing the chance of injury, providing support during strenuous poses, and acting as a versatile prop or block, yoga blankets can benefit you in a number of ways.

And the importance of being comfortable and carefree during your classes should not be overestimated. Ultimately, when you put your body at rest, you also put your mind at rest.

Whether you’re after extra cushioning for your knees or hips, or you’re more swayed by the versatility and multi-purpose elements of some blankets, there should be something for you in our guide to the best yoga blankets.

Pregnant woman using blanket as a prop

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