Yoga For Children: Our Selection Of The 10 Best Videos To Get Your Kids Moving Mindfully

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Attention to all parents and caregivers! Are you ready to introduce your little ones to a world of wonder and wellness? Then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’re unveiling our favorite collection of videos on yoga for children that will have your kids bending, stretching, breathing, and beaming from head to toe!

Our handpicked collection seeks to celebrate diversity, ensuring every child feels welcomed and empowered to embark on their own unique yoga journey. From toddlers to teens, bedtime to parties – there’s something on this list for everyone and every situation.

So read on as we explore some fun and accessible yoga videos that will not only keep your little ones engaged but also instill in them valuable life skills such as focus, balance, self-awareness, and emotional regulation.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the best video for:

  • Teens
  • Animal Lovers
  • Babies and Toddlers
  • Story Telling
  • Child-Parent Bonding
  • Yoga Games
  • Bedtime
  • Meditation
  • Bedtime
  • Kids Chair Yoga

Yoga For Children: The 10 Best Videos on Youtube

1. Yoga For Children: Best Video for Teens

Kicking off our list is a name many of us in the yoga world will recognize.

Yep, Adriene has a diverse collection of yoga videos for various ailments, goals, and audiences – and her class on yoga for teens doesn’t disappoint.

What we love about Adriene is her authentic, down-to-earth demeanor, and her warm and inclusive approach to yoga that creates a welcoming space, making yoga accessible and enjoyable for whatever your mood or experience level.

In this video for teen yoga, Adriene strikes the perfect balance between keeping the practice engaging and relatable for young adults while also addressing their varying levels of experience, attention spans, maturity, and potential self-consciousness.

Starting with some centering breath work, the 20-minute session begins with some light movements aiming to wake and engage muscle groups around the body.

It then moves into a sun salutation-style sequence that introduces viewers to the foundational poses of yoga.

2. Yoga For Children: Best Video for Animal Lovers

For those of you who have little ones that love animals – this is the video for you.

The channel Smile and Learn is packed full of great videos to entertain and educate your kids and this video is one of the best.

Set in a colorful cartoon forest, this video is guided by various animal characters (with hilarious voice-overs) that lead your kids through a yoga adventure that teaches them how to use yoga as a tool to find calm when negative feelings start to arise.

This 4-minute video is a perfect bite-sized introduction to yoga for kids aged between 2 – 7.

Featuring a series of simple poses with clear explanations, the video helps viewers to perform each pose with confidence while engaging with fun cartoon animals.

3. Yoga For Children: Best Video for Babies and Toddlers

Naturopath and Doctor of Clinical Yoga, Dr. Jasmine is a real gem, beaming with excitement to share her knowledge about the benefits of baby yoga.

In this short video, she walks parents and caregivers through how to perform various simple and gentle yoga moves with young babies under 12 months, explaining things to avoid, technique, benefits and precautions along the way.

While these poses might not look impactful, research shows that incorporating yoga and gentle movements into your baby’s wellness routine can:

  • aid digestion and alleviate colic
  • help to strengthen tiny limbs
  • improve sleep pattern
  • enhance their ability to interact with their mother and other people

Pretty amazing, right?

4. Yoga For Children: Best Video for Story Telling

Up next – a dive into Africa with the fantastic YouTube Channel Wewe Mimi Sisi.

In this 10-minute video, narrator Xolani tells us the story of “Anansi the spider and his magical yams” as Haliymah enacts the storyline through a sequence of imaginative yogic movements, encouraging the viewers to follow along.

Wide sweeping arm movements echo the clouds covering the sky while wiggling fingers moving to the earth symbolize the rain falling.

We just love the interactive and thoughtful link between story and movement – it’s the perfect recipe to keep kids engaged and active!

And even better, the story can educate children on a world beyond their own, introducing environments, characters, and morals beyond their cultural peripheries. A win, win, win!

5. Yoga For Children: Best Video for Child-Parent Bonding

This video by Mind with Matter is one of our favorites when it comes to two-person kids yoga – fun, calming and imaginative – it gets to the heart of what yoga for children is all about.

A well-designed 15-minute routine that starts with simple seated partnered poses, the sequence evolves with a pace that feels safe yet engaging – from helping each other to fly like airplanes, to balancing in tree pose and performing a handstand.

What’s more, actively practicing yoga with your kids and working together to perform postures is the perfect way to foster bonding, promote physical and emotional well-being, and cultivate a positive and playful environment for shared growth and development.

6. Yoga For Children: Best Video for Yoga Games

We just love this video by Rashmi, where she artfully combines fun movement games with yoga poses – perfect for keeping kids occupied for 15 minutes – long enough for you to enjoy a little (and well-deserved) rest.

This video is great for introducing even young kids to key poses, Sanskrit names, and whole sequences in a way that exposes them to the yogic tradition and honors the source of yoga.

What we particularly love about Rashmi is the way she encourages children to develop focus and confidence by tackling different and sometimes challenging poses through storytelling – a way that makes each pose more memorable and less intimidating.

7. Yoga For Children: Best Video for Bedtime

All parents and caregivers will likely have experienced difficult bedtimes, and it’s during these moments that yoga can be a real lifesaver. Introducing kids to a calming bedtime yoga routine can work wonders in creating a serene and peaceful transition to sleep.

And this video does a fantastic job!

Featuring a fun story, gentle stretches, relaxing breathing exercises, and soothing meditation that helps to release any pent-up energy and anxieties from the day.

Such a yoga bedtime ritual not only promotes better sleep but also strengthens the parent-child bond through shared moments of mindfulness and relaxation, making bedtime a cherished time for everyone involved.

It’s got the added bonus of helping you get an evening rest, too!

8. Yoga For Children: Best Video for Meditation

Next up on our list is this gem, focusing on teaching children how to meditate through a body scan that is engaging, relaxing, and helps them become more aware of their bodies and emotions and increase mindfulness.

Starting with a clear explanation of the technique, how it works, and why it’s important, this video is a great guide for introducing children to digestible versions of incredibly useful “adult” meditations such as Nidra or Vipassana.

As a practitioner of the latter, I really believe that helping our kids to develop these tools early can encourage self-awareness and emotional resilience that could quite literally change their lives.

As the video host notes:

It’s very, very clever it’s a clever mindfulness tool. It helps us connect our mind with each part of our body so we get better at noticing when our body is trying to tell us something – and sometimes our body will be trying to tell us something important

9. Yoga For Children: Best Video for Children with Autism

Yoga can be a great resource for neurodivergent minds, and this video demonstrates its benefits for children with autism.

Through calming asanas, meditation, and breathwork, this video guides us to equip our kids with tools to manage emotions effectively.

The host’s patient, inclusive, and nurturing approach is warming and fosters a sense of peace and self-awareness in his student.

Life for neurodivergent children can be particularly challenging, and we think this 10-minute video is a great example of how to empower them with introspection and essential tools for emotional well-being through the structure of yoga.

10. Yoga For Children: Best Kids Chair Yoga Video

We love this short introduction to chair yoga for kids.

In just 5 minutes this video guides you through almost 20 poses designed to target the upper body and core as well as promoting breath awareness and stress relief.

As the video notes at the beginning, including small movements while seated in a chair not only bring physical benefits but also can do wonders to increase productivity and focus.

This makes it not only great for children with restricted mobility but for all kids in classroom settings and so on.

Another thing we love about chair yoga is that by bringing awareness to the body, it encourages children to maintain good posture while seated, which can be especially beneficial in the age of technology when they spend more time sitting in front of screens!

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