9 Best Yoga YouTube Channels – Free Classes That You Can Do Right Now!

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Who would have thought that YouTube has the power to transform your living room or bedroom into your own personal private yoga studio?

And for free!

In this article, we are going to count down the 9 best yoga YouTube channels out there right now.

If I were to try and clickbait you right now I’d say something along the lines of ‘and you simply won’t believe who tops the list at number 1!’

But I think you’ve probably already guessed who it will be…

In my research for this article, I had the pleasure of diving into the magical world of the best yoga YouTube channels, and it was just amazing!

I typically make a trip down to my local yoga studio for my yoga practice. But there was something very special about coming on to the mat in my own time, whenever my body called for it, and choosing exactly whichever type of yoga practice my heart desired.

And I can’t wait to share the yoga Youtube gems that I discovered with you.

So without further ado,

Let’s get into this rich list of inspiring YouTube yogis and yoginis

On to the best yoga YouTube channels!

Let’s start at number 9 and work our way to the top…

#9: Cole Chance Yoga

Coming to yoga from the dark place of addiction, Cole from Cole Chance Yoga offers a unique perspective in her classes.

With her background, Cole’s yoga classes support you in your unique yoga journey. Instead of the emphasis being on perfectly holding the shapes and on pushing yourself, Cole invites you to meet yourself where you already are.

Her videos are accompanied by a sprinkling of Buddhist and yoga philosophy to satisfy your spiritual curiosity.

And her classes are fun! Check out the video above of her teaching a yoga class in an alpaca field!

Her yoga videos have an extensive range- from relaxing, slow flow videos to sweaty vinyasa sequences. And they vary in length: You can find short, medium, and longer options.

Her classes will support you in your exploration of the most interesting of landscapes… the inner one.

#8: Sarah Wes

For a magical yoga routine, and for something that may differ from your regular yoga practice, Sarah Wes is of the best yoga YouTube channels.

Her yoga flows are centered around Kemetic Yoga, an Ancient Egyptian yogic practice, also known as Sami Tawi.

Kemetic Yoga places a great emphasis on your breath, spine, and lungs and how they all relate to human consciousness.

This means that if you take one of Sarah’s Kemetic Yoga classes, you will find yourself in a state of calmness and deeply grounded within yourself.

Her routines also intersect with the spiritual side of yoga, you will be beckoned to imagine balls of energy, and invited to go a little deeper into your divinity.

And with the stunning Egyptian desert as a backdrop, what a magical gift that we can access these teachers for free!

#7: Shona Virtue

Shona Virtue is an Aussie personal trainer and fitness instructor, and most importantly for us- an excellent yogi!

Her tagline ‘let’s get sweaty and serene‘ sums up her classes perfectly.

Shona Virtue boasts an impressive CV. She was the former yoga instructor and personal trainer to the football legend David Beckham himself!

Nowadays, she’s gone digital as she shares her knowledge with all of us for free on YouTube.

With a solid background in sports physio, her yoga routines have a strong sports science backing, making Shona’s one of the best yoga youtube channels if you have had a history with a sports related injury.

Her videos are a balance of follow-along pilates style workouts, health and wellness tips, and yoga routines.

The way that Shona leads her routines makes you feel like you’re working out with your favorite friendly instructor!

So, go ahead and work on those body imbalances with Shona’s videos.

She’s also very active on Instagram, her form correcting videos and short informational reels will inspire you on your healthy lifestyle journey.

#6: Faith Hunter

Faith Hunter’s life-affirming YouTube channel is one of the best yoga YouTube channels for the spiritual side of yoga.

She just exudes an infectious energy of peace and calm that seems to be so effortlessly transmitted through the screen.

Her yoga classes are on the relaxing side of the spectrum, with gentle yin yoga sequences that speak to the soul.

Aside from her soothing yoga classes, Faith offers plenty of guided meditation and mindfulness classes and discussions on all things spiritual, from religion, to chakras to astrology.

Interested in learning about the new age of spirituality? This is the channel for you!

#5: Aham Yoga

Arundhati Baitmangalkar is a former professional Bollywood dance instructor who, luckily for us, fell in love with yoga.

As well as teaching longer yoga sequence videos, Arundhati is the host of one of the best yoga YouTube channels for answering all of those yoga-related questions you didn’t know you needed to know.

She has a whole host of short explanatory videos on all things yoga. They cover questions we’ve all had about practicing yoga, such as:

For those looking to delve a little deeper into their yoga practice, Arundhati offers a springboard.

She even hosts the podcast ‘Let’s Talk Yoga‘, where she hosts powerful conversations about teaching yoga, cultural appropriation, merging yoga & business, and much more…

#4: Yoga With Kassandra

Kassandra Reinhardt from Yoga with Kassandra is one of the best yoga YouTube channels for yin yoga flows and with over five years of experience on YouTube, she has plenty of amazing videos to choose from.

If you’re a fan of the slower side of yoga, Kassandra’s restorative sequences are just the ticket and will have the tension in your body melting away on the yoga mat.

These yin flows will have you holding supported and comfortable positions for upwards of 45 seconds. This allows gently applies stress on your connective tissue, and will gradually and lovingly increase your body’s circulation and mobility.

My favourite thing about her channel are the 10 minute morning yoga movement sequences. They are the perfect start to any day, and clocking in at only 10 minutes, it’s hard to find an excuse not to do them.

Kassandra’s channel also has an incredible series of evening yoga classes that will guide you to shake off the day, and settle into a peaceful night’s rest.

#3: Boho Beautiful

Boho Beautiful AKA Juliana Spicoluk will inspire you with the way she moves through challenging yoga routines with grace and ease.

Boho Beautiful is a self-described ‘digital nomad’. This means that her videos always feature stunning backdrops of wherever she goes on her travels- from rocky beaches to mountains.

Now settled in Costa Rica, the views never cease to be breathtaking.

Her classes lean into the spiritual dimension of yoga. She interweaves nuggets of yogic philosophy into each class.

Aside from follow-along yoga lessons, her channel also features gentle guided meditations and ab searing pilates style workouts.

One of the best yoga YouTube channels for those after a challenge- her yoga routines tend to be on the more intense side, so be warned!

#2: Breathe And Flow

Breath and Flow are a yoga YouTube couple. They live the nomadic lifestyle, travelling around and running yoga retreats all over the globe, from Bali To Mexico.

He’s Flo and she’s Bre, and they are both yoga teachers.

Their classes range from traditional yoga classes- yin, Hatha, vinyasa flow, to breathwork and functional movement classes.

Their channel is a balance of yin and yang energies.

Flo often teaches slow, strength-based flows, primal movement sequences, and BJJ (Brazilian Ju-Jitsu) inspired classes. Whilst Bre will guide you through vinyasa flows, mobility routines, and guided meditations.

#1: Yoga With Adriene

Adriene Mishler from Yoga with Adriene tops the spot in this list of the best yoga YouTube channels.

She teaches all of her classes with a healthy injection of her fun and warm personality. It is not uncommon for Adriene to burst into song mid practice!

And the range!

The most wonderful thing about this channel is that Adriene has such a wide range of classes. This, in part, is down to the age of the channel (she started it in 2012!), but it is also just downright creative.

She has a class for everything; yoga for vertigo, for forgiveness, for chefs, for runners… the list goes on.

Whatever yoga mood you’re in, Adriene will most probably have a sequence to suit you.

For example, Adriene releases a yearly Halloween special. Here are some of those titles:

All the Idea And No Gear?

Now you know what the best yoga youtube channels are and you’re all clued up about the the right class for you.

But what do you wear to the class?

Check out this article on: What To Wear To A Yoga Class (even if that class is in your living room).

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