Yoga Calories Burned Calculator + How Many Calories Does Yoga Burn Analysed

It’s undeniable: there are many fantastic benefits of yoga. From improving flexibility, balance, core strength, overall mood, and confidence to decreasing stress, anxiety, and blood pressure, there are many reasons why yogis of all levels and backgrounds choose to do yoga. Many people also use exercise as a way to burn calories, to either help … Read more

Does Yoga Count As Cross Training? + 8 Best Yoga Poses For Strength

Yoga can be a great adjunct to running. It is a movement practice that complements running well because it’s nearly the yin to the yang so to speak. Where running is cardiovascularly demanding, yoga is generally low intensity when it comes to the aerobic workout.  Running is high impact, and yoga is a low-impact activity. Running tends … Read more

Yoga For Golfers: 8 Poses To Boost Your Game

Playing golf may look like little more than a slow walk on a grassy expanse with occasional swings and putts, but golf actually requires a lot of strength, endurance, flexibility, muscle control, and mental focus. As such, in many ways, the overlap between golf and yoga is more significant than you might think.  Moreover, because … Read more

How Often Should You Do Yoga Each Week?

When people first come to yoga, or even after many years of practice, they often come with the question of how often should you do yoga each week to reap the most benefits.  Whether you’re new to yoga and trying to incorporate it into your routine, or you’ve been practicing for a long time and … Read more