Dr. Kanika Verma

Ayurveda physician Dr. Kanika Verma hails from Varanasi, India, one of the oldest cities and the center of Ayurveda practice.

Her experience in Ayurveda spans over ten years. As a child, Kanika suffered from recurrent breathing disorders, epilepsy, vitiligo, kidney stones, acute joint pains, epilepsy, and many more disorders. On top of that, she was allergic to most modern medications. Her father, a radiology specialist, was also confused by her condition. It was her maternal grandfather who introduced her to meditation and Ayurveda. These practices opened up a whole new world of healing and relief for her. Ayurveda was therefore Kanika’s choice for graduation.

She is passionate about the preventive approach of Ayurveda. Her book on the Ayurvedic seasonal regimen, “An Ageless Body with Ayurvedic Ritucharya” sheds light on the ancient anti-aging practices of the Ayurvedic seasonal regimen. Dr. Kanika is also fascinated by the unexplored field of Satvavjay (Ayurvedic psychotherapy).

Heartfulness meditation has been a part of her life for 20 years. In fact, it was meditation that healed her epilepsy. Vedic philosophy holds that the mind is the source of the body. During her study of modern psychotherapy, Dr. Kanika specialized in mindfulness to gain a deeper understanding of the mind and its effects on the body. She is a certified psychotherapist. Her book on mindfulness – Zero-time Mindfulness is more of a personal account of her mindfulness practice.

Dr. Kanika is also fascinated about human connection with the cosmos. She studied the effects of planets on the human body, with a specialization in medical astrology. Dr. Kanika is a certified medical astrologer, still learning more and discovering this awe-inspiring field.

Currently, Dr. Kanika is engaged in research on medicinal Vastu, a field that helps the human to connect and align with the natural forces. She looks forward to amazing learning, with lots of new experiences to share!