Easy BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses For You And Your Bestie To Build A Partnered Practice

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Do you and your yoga bestie want to try out some kick-ass BFF 2 person yoga poses? Here’s your guide for a partnered practice!

We also added a few challenging poses for any besties searching for some extra thrills and TikTok fun!

Record yourself trying the poses and be sure to share your wins and flops. It’s a practice, right?

You land some, you fall some!

In this article you will read about:

  • Building a Partnered Yoga Practice
  • BFF Pranayama
  • BFF Intention Setting
  • BFF Meditation
  • Easy BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses
  • Acro BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses

You may want to jump right into two person BFF 2 person yoga poses, or you may want to build a full partnered practice. Think about the joy and fulfillment you feel with your private or class yoga practice. 

Replicating a class with just your BFF creates a sacred place to share your bond and exchange beautiful energy with one another!

Building A Partnered Yoga Practice

Here are some suggestions for building your BFF yoga practice:

  • Practice pranayama
  • Set Intention/s 
  • Enjoy a BFF Meditation/Savasana
two people sat meditating by the beach

BFF Pranayama

Pranayama is our life force energy. We practice pranayama through intentional breath work through our yoga practice. You and your BFF can choose to intentionally breathe together as your own special form of pranayama. 

Do you have a favorite form of pranayama that is typically included in your yoga practice? If so, try introducing it to your BFF. 

You may be surprised that you enjoy the same form of pranayama, or you may learn something new about each other.

This is also a beautiful way to continue your journey of learning and expanding together. You are already committed to doing the ultimate trust fall exercise to prepare you for your two person bff 2 person yoga poses. 

Now you can also experiment with some of your favorite forms of pranayama or try a few new ones. If you are drawing a blank, no worries! We got you:

1. Yogic Breath

There are many forms of foundational breathwork in yoga that teach us to breathe intentionally in certain parts of the body.

One of the first forms of yogic breath taught in our yoga practice that may ring familiar to many is belly breathing or the diaphragmatic breath.

This allows you to fill up your belly with breath on the inhale and feel it slowly contract into the spine on the exhale. 

woman helping her yoga student in childs pose

2. Dirga

Also referred to as Three Part Breath or Complete Breath. In Sanskrit, Dirga translates as slow, deep, and complete. 

To perform this form of pranayama:

  • You will first fill your lower abdomen with breath, then your mid-section of the torso, followed by drawing the breath into the upper chest and shoulders.
  • You perform each step on one inhale, taking an exhale once you reach the upper body. 

3. Ujjayi Breath

In Sanskrit, Ujjayi translates as “to be victorious”. Therefore, Ujjayi breath means “breath of victory”. You may also hear it referred to as ocean breath because the sound it builds in your throat resembles the sound of ocean waves

How empowering does that feel for developing your yoga practice to partner with your selection of poses below?

  • Ujjayi breath is practiced by constricting the back of throat. This can be achieved by lifting the root (back) of your tongue slightly. With your mouth closed, begin to breathe elongated, slow breaths out of your nostrils. 

You will soon begin to hear those ocean waves! Who needs a trip to the beach when you can be the beach?

Obviously kidding, BFF beach vibes for the ultimate win… but if you can’t make it there, create a similar sensation through your BFF pranayama practice of Ujjayi breath.

2 people practicing yoga together

4. Bhramari Breath

Also known as Bumblebee Breath, as Bhramari is derived from the Sanskrit term for “bee”. Coincidentally enough, Bhramari is named after a type of black Indian bee because of the buzzing-bee-like sound the breath produces

Bhramari Breath is a cooling breath. It provides a gentle massage through vibration of the body. Along with the other forms of pranayama, it is a great addition to your self-care regimen. 

This one feels a bit like a loving hug due to its internal buzzing effect. It is often practiced with Shanmukhi Mudra, where you place your hand over your eyes and spread your fingers. This heightens the sense of buzzing. 

  • It is simple to practice. Inhale and on your exhale, hum until the end of the breath. Allow your breath to move through you in a slow, smooth pace. 

5. Kapalabhati Breath

Also referred to as Breath of Fire or Skull-Shining Breath.

Kapalabhati is derived from the Sanskrit words, kapala meaning skull and bhati meaning shining or illuminating. When the two are combined, it translates to mean a practice that brings clarity and brightness to the skull. 

It is not a formal or foundational form of pranayama being that there are no breath holds. This form of pranayama heats up the body with quick, short breaths. 

  • You can practice Kapalabhati Breath by contracting the lower abdominal muscle while more forcefully exhaling through the nose. As this breath is more paced, the inhale is passive, and allows a moment for the abdomen to relax.
  • You really feel those lower abdominal muscles working when this breath is practiced efficiently. You can also choose a slower variation. The breath does not have to paced up. Especially if it is new to your practice, you can pace your way into it. 
two people practicing cobra pose at the beach

6. Anulom Vilom

A form of alternate nostril breathing.

If you’re feeling irritation of the sinuses, allergy symptoms, or nasal congestions – this form of pranayama comes highly recommended. 

  • It is typically practiced with Vishnu Mudra. However, if that feels complex, you can use your thumb and ring finger alternatively to plug the right and left nostrils. This allows for airflow to release from one nostril at a time.  
  • Breathe in through the left while the right nostril is plugged. Unplug the right nostril, plug the left nostril, and exhale.
  • Then switch which nostril receives the inhale or exhale
  • You can also practice alternate nostril breathing by inhaling and exhaling with one nostril, plugging the nostril, then switching to do the same with the other. 

Set Your Intentions

You also want to set an intention for your partnered BFF practice. This can be one collective intention you settle on together, two different intentions, or multiple intentions to infuse into your practice.

It’s’ your BFF practice, do it your way.

Need some inspiration, read this guide for setting yoga intentions

two people sat in easy pose at the beach in the ocean

BFF Meditation

Lastly, of course, you will want to meditate together.

Decide what is preferred for your meditation. Would you and your BFF like practice guided meditation? Do you prefer silence? Or maybe you want to listen to a frequency like 639hz for harmonizing relationships?

You can also decide if you want to try connected meditation through BFF 2 person yoga poses like a 2 person easy pose or holding hands in Savasana.

Now that your yoga practice has been developed, it is time to decide on which easy BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses you will practice!

BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses

Here is a list of 2 person yoga poses to get you warm! Take a look at each one and see what feels good for your BFF practice.

Want to see examples of each of these poses, check out this article by Welltech, 13 BFF 2-Person Yoga Pose–Try Them With Your Bestie.

If you are looking for something with a little more BFF support action, check out these poses!

teacher supporting student in wheel pose
  • Standing Backbend Pose
  • Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose
  • Seated Wide Legged Fold Pose

So, you feel warm, you tried some of the uplevel poses, and now you’re ready to fly? Check out these BFF 2 person acro yoga poses!

  • Back-to-back Squat
  • Bird
  • Whale
  • Chair
  • Throne
  • Backfly
  • Tripod
  • Folded Leaf Stretch

How Did It Go?

Nice job! You may have already tried a few or maybe you are just looking for now. Either way, you are on your way to completing these fun partner poses.

Some are easy and some are more complex.

Please be mindful of your own personal limits. There is no award for landing the most complex of acro poses in your living room. Especially if it requires breaking a few things…

Speaking of that, make sure before you choose to explore any of these poses that you are in a safe and clear area. Move tables, hard surfaces, and glass far, far way.

You may also want to use props! Props provide peace! So go get your yoga blocks, bolsters, and straps. Also, pull the pillows or cushions off your couches and chairs for some support. You can also use blankets! Extra cushion will help protect those bones, ligaments, and joints!

The poses can also be modified to feel more cozy in your body and for your space. 

If you feel so inclined, maybe record yourselves and take pictures to see what you can improve. 

We hope this helps you get started or elevates your current BFF experience. Either way, you can always count on us for support on your yoga journey!

You might want to try 2 person poses for kids!

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