Shuni Mudra 

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Shuni Mudra 

Shuni (Saturn) + mudra (gesture)

Ayurvedic Element – Fire 

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Mudras are a powerful tool to take your yoga practice to the next level. They can be used both to aid with mild physical issues and to enhance your spiritual practice.

Shuni Mudra works with the element of fire, and is also called the “seal of patience”. It can help in your meditation practice by improving your patience, which in turn allows you to sit still for longer periods of time. You can also use it at any time of the day when you feel you need that extra patience to resolve a difficult situation.

Shuni Mudra is also connected to intuition and may be used with the aim to increase your intuitive powers.

When we look for the purpose of this mudra in its name, we would connect it to Saturn energy, as Shuni means Saturn in Sanskrit.

In Vedic Astrology, this planet is connected with karma and self-discipline, so we can use the intention of building a sense of responsibility and self-control when we are practicing this mudra.

Finally, Shuni Mudra is also believed to cultivate “viveka” a quality that translates to discernment or the “right understanding of things”. Viveka is one of the four main qualities of a yoga disciple, which means they are able to discriminate the truth from lies, the real from the unreal, and the eternal from temporary.

Ayurvedic Element- fire

The Ayurvedic element connected to Shuni mudra is fire. One of the main aspects of fire in our bodies is digestion, which also relates to Agni or our “digestive fire”.

The main physical benefit of working with this element is therefore improved digestion, metabolism, and absorption of nutrients from the food you eat.

Fire will also aid in detoxification, which in turn may have other effects on your body and mind.

This mudra balances fire, which means it doesn’t only increase it, but may also help ease excessive fire. That’s where its principal role – patience – comes from. When our internal fire is overactive it often leads to impatience, impulsivity, frustration, and anger. Imbalanced fire may also manifest on the skin through inflammation and infections.

On the other hand, when the fire is balanced, our patience increases, but also our joy, compassion, generosity, and healthy enthusiasm. It impacts our intelligence and gives us the courage and strength to transform ourselves and our lives.

Physically, balanced fire may show as healthy and glowing skin, and bright, clear eyes.

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Chakras- Solar Plexus Chakra

Energetically, Shuni Mudra may aid in strengthening the Solar Plexus Chakra. If you’d like to intensify this intention, pair the mudra with a mantra or a visualization practice.

Strengthening the Solar Plexus will boost your willpower, confidence, discipline, and intuition.

Meridians- The Pericardium Meridian

Shuni Mudra is connected to the Pericardium Meridian, which ends at the tip of the middle finger.

The main function of this meridian is to protect the heart, both physically and energetically.

It is believed a harmonized Pericardium Meridian aids with pain in the heart, prevents heart infections, and counteracts poor circulation. It may also protect the heart from negative energies which come from other organs.

Traditionally, it is also thought to be responsible for linking the feeling of love with the act of sex.

Shuni Mudra Benefits

  • Working on the fire element may help boost digestion and metabolism, and balance your appetite. 
  • This mudra aids in positive thinking and builds patience.
  • Paired with meditation, Shuni Mudra will help ease overthinking and calm your mind. 
  • Working on your Solar Plexus center will boost your sense of willpower and confidence. 


Avoid Shuni Mudra if you have an injury in the hands or wrists.

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How-To Perform Shuni Mudra

1. Sit in your favorite seated asana.

2. Put your hands on your thighs, palms facing up. Take a moment to relax.

3. Now press the tip of the middle finger and the tip of the thumb together. 

4. Keep other fingers soft and relaxed, you don’t need to extend them fully. 

Bonus Tip:

When practicing the mudra, try to not force the movement. Only press the thumb and middle finger until you feel a flow of energy, instead of creating too much tension.

When to use Shuni mudra


  • Any seated yoga pose which you enjoy for meditation is suitable for this mudra.
  • You can also practice it along with a guided meditation for the Pericardium meridian if you would like to connect to this energy center and your heart.


  • If you want to focus on working on your Solar Plexus in this mudra, you can pair it with the Solar Plexus seed mantra which is “ram”.


  • If you would like to work more with the fire element, especially if you want to increase it with this mudra, try adding several rounds of Kappalabhati breath in your practice.

Where & When

  • Mudras are traditionally performed in the morning on an empty stomach, which may be suitable if you are performing them as a part of your daily practice. However, Shuni mudra is suitable for any time when you are feeling a lack of patience.
  • The best time to practice Shuni mudra is in the morning, on an empty stomach.
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