What Is Abhaya Mudra?

अभयमुद्रा Abhaya (fearlessness) + Mudra (seal, sacred gesture) Alternate Names: Abhayamudra, Abhayamudrā, Abhaya-Mudra Abhaya Mudra Definition Abhaya Mudra is a hand gesture or sacred ‘seal’ which is used to channel the flow of prana, or vital life force, during meditation and yoga. This gesture is a hasta mudra, meaning that it is a seal performed … Read more

Meditation Mudras Guide + 8 Easy Hand Mudras

Thousands of years after their creation, meditation mudras have more than stood the test of time – still recognized today as potent tools for practicing self-care, intentionality, and empowerment. These simple but powerful hand mudras for meditation can be performed by almost anyone, and mastering them is thought to hold incredible potential to recharge and … Read more

Yoga Mudras: A Beginner’s Guide

What turns a regular (or non) yogi into a super yogi? Mudras. Yoga Mudras are gestures, usually done with the hands, that look really cool and can feel extraordinary. In this article, we’ll introduce you to yoga mudras – the history and how to hyper-charge your meditations with these simple, yet profound, additions. “I can change … Read more