Interoception And Mindfulness: How Tuning Into Your Body Can Free Your Mind

Have you ever heard of the word ‘interoception’? It’s not exactly an everyday term, but it’s becoming more and more well-known within the world of mindfulness and meditation. Interoception refers to the process of noticing or sensing feelings in the body. It could be a heaviness in your eyes, a rumble in your belly, or … Read more

Kundalini Meditation: A Guide To Awaken Your Inner Potential

When searching for ways to engage in a meditative practice, you may have come across various styles. They range from Zen Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation to Transcendental Meditation and Vipassana Meditation. But have you heard of Kundalini Meditation? When you’re looking for a way to awaken your inner potential, consider this meditative practice. We want … Read more