What Is A Thought? An Exploration Of Your Mind

We process almost 80,000 thoughts every day. Yet, have you ever asked yourself ‘what is a thought?’ Have you ever wondered what the actual definition of a thought is? Are you actively thinking whilst doing something or does the brain occasionally leave your life on auto-pilot? For example, it might have been a conscious decision that led … Read more

Trataka: Learn The Tantric Technique Of Candlelight Gazing

Trataka is an ancient yogic meditation technique. If you usually find that when you close your eyes to meditate, hundreds of thoughts start to rush through your head and you can’t seem to settle into the meditation, then this might be a great addition to your practice. During trataka we use our gaze to find … Read more

Interoception And Mindfulness: How Tuning Into Your Body Can Free Your Mind

Have you ever heard of the word ‘interoception’? It’s not exactly an everyday term, but it’s becoming more and more well-known within the world of mindfulness and meditation. Interoception refers to the process of noticing or sensing feelings in the body. It could be a heaviness in your eyes, a rumble in your belly, or … Read more