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Welcome to our collection of favorite yoga memes on the internet.

Yoga is all about destressing, meditating, and manifesting positivity. Mixing humor with the world of yoga is a great way to amplify these goals, bringing a witty, light-hearted, and relatable dose of fun to your yoga practice.

Yoga memes are amazing for providing insight into the weird and wonderful events and thoughts that shape modern yoga culture – and no one does this better than @theyogaroom on Instagram.

Their memes make us at yogajala laugh daily – so we wanted to share some of the best bits with you!

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Our Favorite 54 Yoga Memes by theYogaRoom

Without further ado, here is our pick of the 54 most hilarious yoga memes made by our favorite yoga meme Instagram page – @theyogaroom.

1. Power Yoga Memes

Power yoga classes are full of meme-worthy content – from evil instructors to watching newbies struggle to experiencing sheer pain, these power yoga memes cover it all.

2. “Dying During Class” Yoga Memes

We’ve all experienced those yoga classes where you feel like you are dying. At the time this doesn’t feel so funny, but with these hilarious memes in your head, it might make the next time you feel like you’re dying during yoga class feel a little more lighthearted!

3. “Don’t Move my Mat” Yoga Memes

It’s funny how even in the most zen settings, the smallest things can still hit a nerve. At the top of the list is when you’ve reserved your favorite spot during yoga class and someone decides to rearrange it. These memes are here to help ease the tension!

4. “Trying to be a Good Yogi” Yoga Memes

Following on from the “don’t move my mat” yogi Achilles heal, there are other things that can spark us yogis off, even when we’re trying to be zen. I feel some 10/10 memes coming on!

5. “Post Yoga Glow” Yoga memes

A good yoga session can leave you feeling on top of the world. That post-yoga glow is like a universe-loving high that doesn’t always match the real world – but, hey, it does bring about some pretty funny meme content!

6. “yoga’s the Cure” Yoga Memes

For many of us yogis, yoga is the cure to the internal and external stresses of daily life. For non-yogis, this can sound a little extreme – as these funny memes capture!

7. “That one Yogi In Class” Yoga Memes

There’s always that one yogi in class that does something to make you cringe, laugh or huff during the session. In fact, we bet you’ve got someone in mind already. Do any of the following memes resonate?

8. “Nailing it” Yoga Memes

There’s no better feeling than nailing your yoga practice when you’ve worked for weeks on mastering a particular pose, technique – or even yoga outfit. These milestones are worth celebrating, and the following memes capture that feeling of self-gratification!

9. “Not Nailing It” Yoga Memes

From “nailing it” memes to “not nailing it”. Yoga takes a lot of practice to focus and master, and falling, failing and being a little embarrassed are all part of the learning process. With these funny memes, you’ll be laughing about your yogi mistakes in no time!

10. “things Non-Yogis Say” Yoga Memes

People who’ve never tried yoga consistently come out with some real corkers that only seasoned yogis can relate to. TheYogaRoom has captured some of the best in the memes below!

From yoga memes to Laughter yoga . . .

Yoga memes are one great way to combine the world of yoga with humor. Laughter yoga is another!

Or keep it lighthearted with some yoga puns:

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