84 Witty Yoga Puns And Funny Yoga Jokes To Make You Giggle

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Yoga puns and yoga jokes – can they really make you laugh ohm loud?

Yoga is all about relieving tension, boosting mood, and releasing feel-good endorphins.

A yoga practice in itself is great for generating positivity – but mixing in some witty yoga puns or hilarious yoga jokes can make it even better!

And that’s why we’ve compiled 84 of our favorite yoga puns and yoga jokes for you to share next time you’re in the studio – we promise you’ll get some laughs!

Ready to giggle?

an illustration of a bear and a rabbit on a yoga mat telling each other yoga puns

The 84 best Yoga Puns and Yoga Jokes Out There

1. Why do vegetable lovers love practicing yoga regularly?

They always want to find their inner peas.

2. How did my instructor know I was serious about yoga?

I told her I would be as flexible as possible.

3. I didn’t believe yoga would fix my posture…

But I stand corrected.

4. What did the instructor say when her yoga student couldn’t touch her toes?

She said, “Yoga-to try harder tomorrow”.

5. Why did the bagel struggle in yoga class?

It couldn’t find its center.

6. I’ve been practicing yoga for decades.

Yep, it’s been a pretty long stretch.

an illustration of an elephant and a squirrel on a yoga mat telling each other yoga puns

7. What do the kids call yoga?


8. What do you call a bagel that has mastered yoga?

A pretzel.

9. What is the most romantic yoga pose?


10. Why does everyone love yoga teachers?

They bend over backward for you.

11. What do you say at the end of a squirrel yoga class?


12. Why do dogs love yoga class?

It’s a good chance to paws and reflect.

13. What do a cow walking backward and a yogi have in common?

They both say oooooom.

14. What do you call a communist doing yoga?

Stretch Marx

15. How does the yogi order a pizza?

Make me one with everything!

an illustration of a dog and cat on a yoga mat telling each other yoga puns

16. I’m worried I’m not that good at yoga.

Some days, I feel like just a poser.

17. I gave my cat some almond milk the other day.

Now she teaches hot yoga on Thursday nights.

18. I’m trying to write this pun about yoga.

But it’s just not working out. It just seems a stretch.

19. What does the yoga instructor want for their birthday?

All they want is your presence.

20. Where do you go if you can’t afford yoga classes?

The omless shelter.

21. Why is the pear so good at yoga?

He’s got a great core.

22. What did the yogi tell his dog?

Nama, stay!

a woman sitting on her yoga mat on the floor of her bedroom surrounded by plants

23. What do you do when a yoga guru goes missing?

Nothing. They’ll find themself.

24. What’s a pirate’s least favorite yoga move?

The plank pose.

25. What do an ambulance and a yoga class have in common?

They both contain stretchers.

26. I did an amazing yoga pose over this stream created from acidic rainfall yesterday.

I think it’s called a bridge over troubled water . . .

27. Why is it easy to make an appointment with a yoga teacher?

They’re just so flexible.

28. I run a meditation and yoga studio for angry donkeys.

It’s called “peace of ass”.

29. Why did the yogi return the vacuum cleaner?

It came with too many attachments.

a man doing a yoga headstand laughing

30. What happens if you kill a yoga teacher before the start of class?

You get charged with premeditated murder.

31. Why are weightlifters so good at yoga?

They have great flex-ability

32. Why did the yogi refuse anesthetic at the dentist?

He wanted to transcend-dental-medication!

33. I got chucked out of yoga class yesterday.

Apparently, I misinterpreted the Half-Moon Pose.

34. What did the yogi tell his mom when she wanted to leave yoga early?

Nah ma, stay!

35. There was a moment at yoga class when I really just got it; chit happens!

36. What’s the most deadly yoga move?

Corpse pose.

37. I recently took up yoga, and the instructor asked me how flexible I am…

I said “I can only do Fridays”

a woman laughing up at the sky

38. Yoga class instructor: Welcome. Uhh, why are you carrying a lightsaber?

Me: Misread the brochure I have.

39. What kind of yogas do dead bodies do?


40. “What’s up, dog?” I asked my instructor as I walked into the studio.

She replied that it was a back-bending yoga posture that lengthens and strengthens the spine, torso, and arms.

41. “Warrior 2?” my instructor asked.

“No, I’m actually a writer,” I replied.

42. People say yoga will change your life.

But I think that’s a bit of a stretch.

43. What kind of yoga is popular at nudist yoga?

Over ex-posing.

friends sitting on yoga mats laughing

44. I arrived late for my yoga class yesterday.

Then my instructor shouted at me to get my asana mat.

45. Have you heard of the new class where you always go up and down?

They call it yo-yoga.

46. What did the yogi say when her friend asked her to leave the class?

Nah, Imma stay.

47. During a hot and sweaty yoga session, a femur and a humerus got real close. What did the humerus say to the femur?

“Quite the trochanter”.

48. My yoga teacher was drunk yesterday.

He put me in a really awkward position.

49. Toby was struggling with basic yoga but remained determined.

Where Toby Hatha-Will, Toby Hatha-Way.

two friends sitting on yoga mats laughing at eachother

50. I give up. I’ve simply bent over backward to convince my friend to progress in yoga.

51. I’m booked in for a yoga class every day this week.

I guess you could say I’ve got a flexible timetable.

52. What kind of car is the best at yoga?

Mercedes Bends.

53. I tried to get my grandpa to go to yoga class yesterday…

It was a bit of a stretch.

I think I just invented ten new yoga poses trying to get an oreo that I dropped under the table.

54. My doctor doesn’t want me to go to yoga anymore.

He thinks I self-meditate too much.

55. “Say you’re a bad girl”
I’m a bad girl
“oooh yeah, and tell me what bad girls do…”
I’m gonna sign up for 3 months of yoga and only go twice. . .

three friends in workout gear giggling

56. How do you know when a yoga teacher is angry?

He gets incensed.

57. Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Yoga who?
Yoga to try this, it feels amazing.

58. Why did the yogi get fired from her job as a cashier?

Because she kept saying change comes from within.

59. Does using the toilet on the airplane mean I’m certified to teach yoga now?

60. What do you call someone doing yoga with the flu?

Sick and twisted.

61. My wife asked if her new yoga pants make her look fat…

“Definitely not,” I replied. “It’s you that makes the pants look fat.”

And oh how we both laughed and laughed. Anyway, I’m single now.

a man meditating and smiling in front of a bush

62. A man was arrested for stealing yoga DVDs.

He’s now doing a long stretch

63. My current fitness level: Just used a yoga DVD as a coaster for my beer. Namaste.

64. Jesus is a regular at my yoga class

Pilates screwed him up real bad but he keeps coming back

65. What did T-Rex say after doing yoga for the first time?

Dinosore 🙁

66. What did the yogi put on the sign outside his studio?

Inquire Within. 

67. Remember when yoga was called Twister?

68. Did you see the romantic comedy with Meg Ryan as a yogini?

It’s called “Yoga mail”. 

 mum and daughter meditating on a sofa

69. A thief stole $10,000 worth of stock from Lululemon last night.

The police forced him to return all 3 pairs of leggings.

70. What do yoga pants eat for dessert?

Lululemon meringue pie. 

71. Where do fish go to do yoga?

The river bend 

72. What sort of creature hibernates in odd poses?

A yoga bear.

73. I told my new yoga teacher I was an expert. He asked me to show the class an advanced pose.

That put me in a difficult position.

74. What do Yoga meditation and an apple peeler have in common? 

They both take you to the core.

a man laughing and doing yoga on the beach

75.  How many Bikram teachers does it take to screw in a light bulb? 

Three. One to preheat the new bulb, one to screw it in, and one to remind the light bulb changer to “Lockyourknees, Lockyourknees!”

76. What do Yoga meditation and a fudge cake have in common? 

They each bring you a piece of heaven. 

77. I couldn’t do my downward dog even after the 15th attempt.

My friend said to my teacher, “Yoganna be disappointed by this one”.

78. I messaged my friend that the yoga class was canceled.

She replied, “Yogatta be kidding me?

79. What kind of lattes do yogis like?

The Pilates one.

two women chatting and sitting on yoga mats

80. Why does the fisherman not go for yoga classes anymore?

He stopped after he pulled a mussel last week. 

82. Why does the demon go for yoga classes regularly?

He loves to exorcise there.  

83. Why did the girl stop going to her yoga classes?

She said it was not working out.

84. What did the student say when her teacher taught her poses that targeted her core?

She said, “These poses are abs-olutely killer!”.

And there we have it – our pick of the 84 best yoga puns and yoga jokes out there. We hope they win you some laughs next time you’re in the studio!

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