16 Yoga Clothing Brands You Should Know 2023

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Of course, we all know yoga is not about the outfit – or even the pose. Still, more and more yoga clothing brands are emerging every day. And there wouldn’t be so many of them if there wasn’t a market for it.

You don’t need to look cute while working out – but also, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to. We can all use a confidence boost. 

Furthermore, yoga clothing brands aren’t here only for fashion,  they design clothes intended to make your practice easier and more comfortable.

In this article, we’ll go over our favorite yoga clothing brands to help you find the perfect pick for your vibe and needs. 

16 Yoga Clothing Brands

1. Lululemon

The first name that comes to mind when we mention yoga clothing brands for most people is Lululemon

Founded in 1998, they have consistently offered stylish and high-quality pieces designed specifically for yogis. Best known for their yoga pants and leggings, they also offer sports tops, sweatpants, and other gear.

a group of women in yoga clothes against the lululemon brand

2. Alo Yoga

The other name that many associate with the best yoga clothing is Alo yoga.

Popularized on Instagram by sponsoring yogis and yoga challenges, and also by countless celebrities, Alo is one of the yoga giants of the modern age.

They create unique pieces which look just as great off the mat as they do while you practice. Their interesting cuts, muted colors, and sculpting fabrics made the whole yoga world craze about the brand. They are a perfect pick for anyone who loves both fashion and yoga. 

3. Ripple Yoga Wear

a woman modelling yoga clothes for yoga clothing brands

Not as well known as the first two yoga clothing brands we mentioned, Ripple Yoga wear has a more simple approach to design.

Their line of products is smaller and features sustainable, eco-friendly, and super comfortable fits.

Focused on quality rather than quantity, they offer minimal designs which are easy to style and make you feel great on the mat. Their fabrics are organic, soft, and last for a long time, making them a great investment in your practice. 

Bonus points: they are also GOTS certified which means both the materials and the production processes are eco-friendly. 

4. Beyond Yoga

This women-founded-and-run brand is best known for its super soft clothing and you can’t go wrong with them if you’re on the search for the most comfortable yoga clothing brands. 

Their main focus is the quality of fabrics, it’s not only soft and comfy but also high-quality, and don’t change for a long time. 

The fits are functional – adapted to your specific practice and style – and come in a variety of sizes and colors. There are options for activities and purposes beyond the yoga world, like outdoor sports & maternity picks.

Best of all, they’re sustainable, too! From fabrics to packaging they care about minimizing their carbon footprint in every step of the process. 

5. Gymshark

a woman modelling leggings for yoga clothing brands

Another giant, Gymshark isn’t specifically a yoga brand.

As the name implies its main audience is gym goers, and the brand was popularized by gym lovers – especially for their leggings.

Still, they evolved and became more inclusive to other activities too, including yoga.

They have flattering and soft joggers, seamless tank tops, and other light designs, which help you move from one pose to the other without having to think about your clothing. 

6. YogaMatters

YogaMatters is ideal if you like to keep your shopping and wardrobe simple. 

Their shop offers yoga essentials, like basic black tops and leggings, which you can wear day after day without having to think about styling.

The shop also offers colors and patterns, but they are usually muted and minimal, making the shopping experience straightforward and stress-free.

The shop offers other yoga items too, like literature on discipline, yoga gear, natural grooming products, and essential oils. 

7. Athleta

a woman modelling yoga clothes for yoga clothing brands

Athleta is a brand that mainly focused its designs and marketing efforts on inclusivity. Their catalog features women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and races. 

But it’s not just for show – their clothing is great quality and activity-focused. There are options for a variety of activities, including yoga.

Their yoga staples are super comfortable, flattering, stylish, and getting more and more sustainable.

8. Warrior Addict

While most yoga clothing brands will have a men’s section in their shops, you can easily tell women are their main target audience.

Although more and more men are practicing yoga, that is not yet visible in yoga brands. But here’s a refreshing change.

Warrior Addict is a brand geared specifically to men, offering a simple range of clothing that makes shopping easy.

The clothing is monochromatic, comes with features that make yoga practice easier, and looks great – so it doubles as streetwear. 

9. Outdoor Voices

a woman modelling yoga clothes for yoga clothing brands

Promoting themselves with the phrase “technical apparel for recreation”, Outdoor Voices is a great brand if you are looking for apparel that works great for different activities.

The brand focuses on comfort and sustainability in the choice of its fabrics and adds modern technical features to its designs to boost your performance. 

Style-wise, they’re great if you love solid colors and color blocks, which is their main thing. In general, they are especially loved among those who love the classics, which work just as well for a casual street outfit.  

10. Wolven

a woman modelling colourful yoga clothes for yoga clothing brands

One of the most popular sustainable clothing brands, Wolven stands out for their unique patterns, color combos, and designs.

They create lovely clothing for both men and women and take just as much care in creating their prints as they do for protecting the planet. 

They partnered with multiple programs to reduce their emissions and use recycled fabrics that are durable and soft.

One of our favorite things is their reversible tops which allow you to have multiple outfits in one. 

11. prAna

Prana is the life force, the vital energy that brings life to all. This brand is named after this force, stressing the connection of their clothing with the authentic yoga practice.

Founded in California, prAna follows the principles of sustainability in everything they do.

That includes fair trade production, and safe working environments for all employees, which includes physical, mental health and fair wages. 

It also means their materials are eco-friendly, including both recycled and organic materials. 

The clothes aren’t only sustainable but also high quality, versatile and cute, making them a great choice if you’re looking for multi-functional picks that’ll last a long time. 


Another famous sustainable activewear brand, BOODY is a fantastic choice for both men and women looking for essentials. 

The shop can cater to your underwear needs too, as well as loungewear and accessories.

Their clothes are simple, comfortable, and soft.

Their favorite material is Bamboo viscose sourced from organic farms which use no pesticides. What makes bamboo so great is the fact that it produces more oxygen than other trees + needs less water to grow.

They are also included in a variety of eco-friendly programs, ensure good wages and working conditions for all employees and donate a part of the profit to environmental causes.

13. People Tree

a woman modelling yoga clothes for yoga clothing brands

People Tree is a popular brand that, as the name implies, has people and nature at their center.

That means it wants to celebrate the diversity and passion of people, and also prevent harming the environment. 

Although they are not strictly a yoga brand, they do have a great selection of yoga basics, like tops and leggings.

They use natural, recycled, plant-based, and biodegradable materials. The most common is TENCEL and organic cotton.

The products are hand embroidered + hand dyed, and the employees get safe working conditions and fair wages. They take great care in who they cooperate too, so you can feel safe knowing that the whole production loop is in line with yoga principles. 

14. TenTree

Another brand that uses our favorite source of oxygen and shade in its name is TenTree. 

This popular sustainable yoga brand uses eco-friendly materials, utilize ethical manufacturing, and best of all – plants ten trees for every purchase!

They are 100% vegan and use organic and plant-based fabrics like hemp, organic cotton, TENCEL, and recycled polyester.

Recently, they removed virgin plastics from shipping too. Except for yoga essentials, they also offer cool nature-inspired hoodies. 

15. Girlfriend Collective

a woman modelling yoga clothes for yoga clothing brands

Girlfriend Collective is one of the most famous brands which focuses on sustainable + inclusive activewear. 

There’s tons to love about the brand. First, they show size-inclusivity in both their size charts and their marketing efforts. 

The designs are universally flattering and cute. The focus is on solid colors including muted, vibrant, pastel, and nude picks. 

The materials are sweat-wicking, comfortable, soft, and sustainable. 

They take environmental measures in other parts of the process too using eco-friendly dyes, recycled and organic fabrics, and recyclable packaging. 

They also stress the importance of both fair wages and fair prices. You’ll find they are one of the most affordable sustainable yoga clothing brands. 

16. BAM (Bamboo Clothing)

Last but not least on our list of the best yoga clothing brands is Bamboo Clothing, also known as BAM.

As the name implies, this brand uses the bamboo plant as the main source of their fabrics. That makes them a great choice if you always wanted to try this material.

They have ethically run factories over the world, which means they are saving on carbon emissions as many of the shipments are done by road and sea rather than air. 

They are working to be even cleaner by 2030, but already did a great job by choosing bamboo. It needs less water than other trees, gives more oxygen + absorbs more carbon dioxide.

The material is also soft and comfortable, and the designs are super cute. 

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