8 Essential Yoga Poses For Beginners

New to yoga? Your first yoga class can be a lot to take in. Why can everyone speak Sanskrit all of a sudden? What is a chaturanga? How do I ‘meet in downward-dog’? In this article, we are going to de-mystify yoga by going through 8 basic yoga poses for beginners. More specifically: How/Why Sanskrit … Read more

How To Do A Yoga Headstand: 8 Easy Steps, 6 Preparation Poses & 3 Modifications

Are you wondering how to do a yoga headstand? Shirshasana, or headstand, was referred to as ‘the king of asana‘ by B.K.S. Iyengar. This is simply because of all of the amazing benefits that we can receive from practicing this pose This is a pose that I was desperate to achieve when I started attending … Read more